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Golden Ticket Giveaway Nurses Week

nurses week giveaway
Meet TNAA's Golden Ticket

Hi, we want to make your Nurses Week 2020 seriously sweet — and we’re not letting a pandemic stop us from celebrating our nurses. Check inside your Nurses Week gift to see if you’re 1 of 5 lucky recipients of a TNAA Golden Ticket. It’s your entry into a whimsical world filled with chocolate rivers, tasty treats, and strange songs. Or as close to that as we could get!

Did you find a TNAA Golden Ticket? If so, follow the instructions on the ticket to make your Nurses Week extra special.

Didn’t find a TNAA Golden Ticket? We’ll be randomly calling 5 additional nurses to surprise them with something special too! Keep your phones handy each weekday throughout Nurses Week between 1-2 PM CST. Watch for a 501 area code.

More Ways to Win

Oh, you thought that was it? No way, we’re channeling our inner Wonka and pulling out even more surprises for our nurses. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages for more details.

Don’t worry, no Oompa Loompas were involved in creating this giveaway.

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