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Rebook and Extension Bonus Program

We reward our loyal travel nurses!
We reward our loyal travel nurses!

Earning your loyalty is important to us.

Our new and improved Extension and Rebook Bonus Program allows you to earn extra money by continuing to work with TNAA. We appreciate our long-time travelers, and this is just one way we can thank you.

Extension and Rebook Bonuses are available for Prime pay package travelers. 

What is an Extension Bonus? When you decide to extend your contract for the current assignment you’re on, TNAA rewards you with a monetary bonus. The amount you’ll receive is prorated, depending on the length of time your extension contract runs.

What is a Rebook Bonus? If you book another assignment with us, within thirty days of your prior assignment, we want to thank you by adding a bonus to your wallet. Bonus amounts are determined by length of assignment.

Contact your recruiter for more information.