Leah Helmbrecht

fun fact
Has explored all 7 continents!

About Leah

Travel nursing is a career unlike any other, and few understand what it really feels like showing up to a new facility. If you’re looking for a recruiter who has truly walked in your shoes, Leah is your perfect fit. She’s a former OR Nurse who completed 27 travel nurse contracts. She leverages her personal experience navigating the industry to educate her nurses and inspire them to chase the careers they want. Leah believes in equipping her nurses with knowledge. By providing them with transparent insight, they can make the best decision for themselves. But above all, she believes that by sharing the good, bad, and sometimes ugly, nurses can build real connections in an industry that can sometimes be isolating. Outside of work, you’ll find Leah and her trusty pup Dakota chasing down adventure and sharing it with the world on her Instagram @offtheclocknurse.