Melanie Shaw

Melanie Shaw

Recruiting Specialist
fun fact
Loves karaoke

About Melanie

Melanie has years of experience in customer service, which makes her a great recruiter. She’s here to tend to your needs and wants you to feel understood and heard. That’s why Melanie values trust, transparency, and honesty in her relationships. She’ll do her best to find you the right assignment, so you can be worry-free!

When she’s not working, Melanie loves spending time in her backyard as she watches birds and tends to her garden.

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"The friendly, open, and consistent communication Melanie provides is what helped me take the leap to begin travel nursing. I genuinely feel like I have someone rooting for me with my best interest in mind going into contracts alongside factual information, allowing me to make the best possible decision. Melanie has helped ease anxieties and helps me get in contact with those I need for various processes."
Jessica S.