Rick Blair

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Has Traveled to 43 States

About Rick

Rick understands the way to success is by building relationships, listening attentively, and utilizing a strong support system. Rick helps his nurses achieve their goals by using these attributes and going the extra mile. Having coached sports for many years, Rick knows the importance of teamwork and will use every resource he has to ensure your next assignment is a good fit. With a win-win attitude and a proactive thought process, you can be assured Rick will help you every step of the way to find that perfect assignment! When Rick is not helping his nurses, you can find him in the woods enjoying nature, or fishing in tournaments with his wife.

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When I first signed up with TNAA and learning about the travel nursing process, Rick was the first person I met within the company. During the stressful process of finding an assignment, he was the best recruiter you could ask for: helpful, personable, and realistic. He constantly checks in and ensures that I am getting through the process of starting my assignment okay!
Alexandra M. | RN, BSN, CCRN