Staci Marengo

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Loves to Hike and Bike

About Staci

Staci comes from a diverse background and is defined by her strong connections with people. She is a huge people person and effortlessly manages to maintain steady connections with whoever she meets. She loves working closely with each traveler to help them discover their career goals and dreams and works diligently to help make them come true.  Ultimately, Staci does her best to care for and provide for her travelers as they circumnavigate their way through the world of travel. You can feel her smiling through the phone when working with her! Like her travelers, Staci loves the opportunity to explore new places and is always up for the adventure. She is as comfortable at the beach as she is at the top of a mountain. Outside of work, Staci enjoys hiking, biking, and traveling to places near and far with her 3 children, steadily equipped with a camera around her neck to capture the fun!

Staci has been an incredible recruiter. She listens and responds quickly to questions. When my contract rate was slashed by the hospital, she understood how upset I was and just listened. Then she got to work and had another position lined up within 48 hours! I’m finishing my first week of my first contract and couldn’t be happier with Staci and TNAA. Thanks so much.
Paula D. | RN