401(k) Program for Healthcare Travelers

We Believe in Supporting Your Financial Wellness

TNAA not only cares about your career as a healthcare traveler – we also invest in your future. That’s why 401(k)s are part of our benefits program. Our 401(k) plan offers a match along with 100% vesting for eligible travel nurses and allied travelers through payroll deduction. Travelers can also roll over any funds from other retirement savings plans or accounts.

TNAA Match and Vesting

That’s right! Our 401(k) plan offers up to a 4% match, with 100% vesting once you are eligible for the program.

TNAA 401(k) Qualification Details

  • You must be employed with TNAA for at least 12 months AND have worked at least 1,000 hours to be eligible to enter the plan on the next quarterly entry date.
  • Entry dates to TNAA’s 401(k) plan are annually on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. Eligible travelers received an email from the TNAA HR Department with further information and enrollment details.
  • If you are not active with TNAA on a plan entry date and have met eligibility, you will receive notice and enrollment instructions upon returning to TNAA.

You can also explore opening an IRA account by clicking here. Scroll down and click on “Learn More” under “Compare IRA Products.” Then, you can scroll down to open an IRA.

Want to know more about our 401(k) plan? You can use these Educational Resources to learn more about the benefits of having a 401(k) plan, enrolling in the plan, how to register your account, and how to navigate your online account.

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