Referral Bonuses That Are a Win-Win for You and Your Friends!

We recognize the time and effort you give when referring colleagues and have created a bonus program like no other to reward you. Typical referral bonuses pay you for the first assignment someone takes. What's different about TNAA? If your referral keeps taking assignments, we keep paying you.
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Earn BIG this winter with TNAA Referral Bonuses!

At TNAA, we don’t just value your referrals. We celebrate them – and you – with generous bonuses!

That’s why we’re boosting our Referral Bonus+ Program to make it a clear win-win for you AND your referred traveler.

  1. Earn $1,500 per referral
  2. $500 recurring bonus per assignment
  3. $25 gift card per referral

Loyalty rewarded, again and again.

While you will earn $1500 for an initial assignment and your referral will earn $500, we don’t think one-time bonuses are enough to show you how thankful we are for your referrals. That’s just not our style.

That’s why the TNAA Referral Bonus+ Program allows you to earn recurring rewards for referring travelers to us.

When your referred traveler takes on an additional assignment with TNAA, you’ll earn $500 for every assignment beyond their first.* And there’s no limit to how many referrals you can send!

That’s right, no limit!

Referral Program Guidelines

  • Referral must not have been on assignment with TNAA within 6 months of confirmation date of new assignment.
  • Referrer will be eligible to receive bonus if referred traveler’s confirmation date of new assignment is within 36 months from the date the referred traveler’s application was last received.
  • The referred traveler must book a minimum eight-week assignment.
  • Bonuses will be paid 60 days from the qualification of the referral bonus.
    • Qualification means referral completing one month on assignment and receipt of required documentation from referrer.
  • Referral bonus payouts cannot be split.
  • Referral Gift Card
    • Amount: $25 via Tango
    • Qualification:
      • Referral must complete the qualification process with the application support team
    • Gift card transmitted after the pre-qualifying conversation with a recruiter and verification from application support team
  • TNAA reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time.
  • Travelers can only qualify for one bonus promotion at a time. Bonus promotions do not stack.
  • Must book/accept a contract by 9/30/2024

Referral Information

Your Information

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