What is An Allied Healthcare Professional?

There are many allied health specialties, such as radiology, tech, & therapy. TNAA allied travelers can explore new landscapes across America while on assignment.
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Our recruiters are some of the most experienced in the industry and will help you every step of the way!

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TNAA’s dedicated team gives allied travelers best-in-class support. Our highly skilled recruiters find the right assignment for each allied traveler, and we have industry-leading Quality Assurance specialists who expedite the licensing process to get you on assignment faster. 

Our best-in-class benefits and support start on day one. TNAA’s experienced clinical services team offers real career advice and counseling to guide allied travelers on their nationwide journeys.

Explore new landscapes. Establish new connections. Reach career goals. Become a TNAA traveler today.

TNAA is a proud equal opportunity employer.

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TNAA obsesses over the allied traveler’s experience. We stand out in every way. There are many specialties within the healthcare space. Below is how TNAA defines our travel contracts.

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