Assignment Benefits Summary

At Travel Nurse Across America our goal is 100% transparency. With our Assignment Benefits Summary (ABS), we take transparency to the next level.
tnaa travel nurse receives a breakdown of her assignment pay package before signing contract

Travel Nurse Across America understands the important role transparency plays in the relationship between a travel nurse or allied traveler and an agency. Before you even begin traveling with us, we take the time to break down an assignment’s details.

No second-guessing or surprises when you get your paycheck. Your Assignments Benefits Summary spells it out beforehand, including your taxable income, reimbursements, federal and state tax, and more. Many agencies provide misleading initial paycheck estimates, but not at TNAA. We go the extra mile to make sure you know what you will see on your paycheck without getting the runaround. It’s just another way TNAA goes above and beyond to anticipate your needs.


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