TNAA's Allied Programs

TNAA is always advocating on our travelers’ behalf. That means we’re continually looking for ways to support you.
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Referral Bonus+

TNAA’s referral program is one-of-a-kind in the allied traveler industry. When you refer a colleague for an assignment with TNAA, you can earn a $500 bonus for EVERY assignment they take!

Allied Health Scholarship

Not only do we provide full-team support to our allied health travelers, but we also want to support up-and-coming allied health professionals. TNAA is pleased to offer a $2,500 scholarship to individuals seeking a degree in an allied health field.

“I cold-called TNAA and spoke to a recruiter for 1.5 hours. She answered every single question I had, and her voice was like hot chocolate! It was like getting a 1.5-hour hug! She sold me on this company!”
Laura R.
Allied Traveler Perks

TNAA allied travelers have access to our perks program, which offers discounts at leading retail stores across the nation. Contact your recruiter to get your hands on our discount codes.

Want More?

Know of other programs TNAA can add to support our allied travelers? We’re always looking for ways to enhance your TNAA experience. Let us know which programs you’d like us to offer!