TNAA Traveler Referral Bonus+

We recognize the time and effort you give when referring colleagues and have created a bonus program like no other to reward you. Typical referral bonuses pay you for the first assignment someone takes. What's different about TNAA? If your referral keeps taking assignments, we keep paying you.
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Earn $500 for EVERY assignment your referral takes with TNAA.

Are there rules? Of course! We’ve included them below, and we hope you’ll find they’re pretty relaxed.

Referral Program Guidelines

  • Referred travelers must be new to TNAA (i.e., full application in our system) and have never booked an assignment.
  • Referred travelers must start an assignment within 12 months of initial application before the referral bonus will void.
  • The referral’s information must be received on or after July 5, 2022. Referrals in the system before July 5, 2022, will be subject to the prior referral bonus one-time payout.
  • The referred traveler must book a minimum eight-week assignment.
  • Referral bonuses are paid at the end of the month following the referred traveler’s first 30 days on assignment. This is the case whether it is the traveler’s first assignment or an ongoing assignment.
  • The referred traveler must complete at least 30 days on assignment for you to qualify for the referral bonus.
  • Referral bonus payouts cannot be split.
  • To refer a traveler to TNAA, you must have an application on file within our system. Internal employees are not eligible.
  • Reoccurring payout stops if the referred traveler goes six months or longer between contracts.
  • There is no limit to how many colleagues you can refer to TNAA.
  • TNAA reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time.

Referral Information

Your Information

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