February 23, 2024

Adjusting to New Cities as a Travel Nurse

Starting a travel nursing assignment gives you a chance to explore new cities and experience different destinations with every assignment. However, it can be tough settling into new locations so you feel at home. Travel nurses and healthcare travelers can easily adjust to new assignment locations with proper preparation and a positive attitude.

Here are some tips to help you confidently settle into your new digs.

Advice for Adjusting to New Cities

Research Your New City Ahead of Time

Before packing your bags, take some time to delve into your destination. Discover the best restaurants, must-visit attractions, local hotspots, and what your new city is best known for. Learn the typical traffic patterns around your shift start and end time so you can plan the best commute options. Looking up typical weather patterns for the time of year you’re on assignment there will also help you pack the right gear.

Cover Your Basic Needs

Locate places you’ll visit often, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and public transportation hubs near your housing or workplace. This will make it easier to get what you need quickly and reduce stress when doing errands or going to work.

Maintain Your Routine

Maintaining your daily routine is essential for adjusting to your new city more easily. Find a nearby cafĂ© for your morning pick-me-up, carve out time for your regular workouts, and ensure you’re all set for your precious Netflix-and-chill time. Maintaining your daily routine can help give you a sense of stability in your new environment.

Personalize Your New Home

When you arrive, add your own special touch to make it cozy and familiar. Hang up pictures of your family or bring along your favorite blanket. Small things like this can make a big difference in feeling comfortable in a new city.

Get Friendly With Locals

Locals are invaluable for insider knowledge. Strike up conversations with local baristas, bartenders, servers, and others at local shops to see where they like to hang out (and where they choose to avoid!). Their recommendations for favorite hangouts can enrich your exploration and save you from doing things not worth your time. Don’t forget to ask the staff at your facility, too!

Start a Travel Journal

Keeping a travel journal is like having a personal diary of your adventures as a travel nurse. It helps you remember all the exciting things you did, how you felt while exploring new places, and the challenges you overcame. Plus, when you embark on your next assignment, reading through your journal will remind you that you’re capable of adapting to new environments, boosting your confidence for future adventures.

Utilize TNAA Recruiters and Support

As a healthcare traveler, you’re not alone on your journey, and hopefully, you’re traveling with an agency that’s got your back. TNAA offers comprehensive support, including assistance with housing and access to a dedicated clinical support team, throughout your entire assignment and beyond. Reach out to your recruiter for assistance tailored to your assignment location.

Find Your Next Travel Assignment With TNAA

As a healthcare traveler, you get to call a new place home every time you embark on an assignment. Diving into new places and feeling at home fast is essential for making the most of every destination. After all, exploring new cities and areas is one of the biggest perks of being a healthcare traveler! Follow the tips above and make your travel assignment the best it can be.

TNAA is dedicated to empowering healthcare travelers like you with unparalleled support and resources, helping you find assignments that fit your lifestyle and career goals. Our traveler-centric, full-service approach puts travel nurses and allied travelers first, meaning your experience and satisfaction are always our number one priority.

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