March 14, 2023

Day-One Insurance: Coverage As Soon As You Need It

Working as a traveling healthcare professional offers multiple opportunities for growth. It also comes with unique challenges, like navigating allied health and travel nurse insurance. Dental, vision, and health insurance are crucial for travelers who face a higher risk of injury or illness due to the nature of their job.

When you need insurance, TNAA backs you from the start. You’re covered on day one of your first assignment with the dental, vision, and health insurance options you choose. There’s no waiting period for insurance coverage because life doesn’t wait.

Allied Health & Travel Nurse Insurance Covered Day-One

pacu travel nurseLaura, one of our TNAA ambassadors, had benefits at her staff job, but she was ready to try something new. She wanted to start her career as a travel nurse and had a family depending on her access to insurance.

“What was wonderful about TNAA, and it remains so, is its first-day coverage,” Laura said. “I don’t have to wait 30 or 60 days to get approved for insurance. Day one, and I’m covered. Day one, and my kids are covered. That relieved my mind so much to know that my girls were covered and could go to the dentist or be seen if something medically happened to them.”

Nicole, TNAA’s Senior Director of Allied Recruitment, has also heard praise from her allied health travelers.

“I had a traveler who actually had a dental emergency,” Nicole said. “It was awesome that she could use our dental insurance to get things fixed quickly, and that day-one coverage was a huge benefit to her.”

“We all have those instances where you’re on a new assignment, and you get sick the first week,” she continued. “It happens, but it’s great to know that you are covered. You don’t have to go out of pocket for unexpected things that occur.”

The Insurance Coverage Offered and Why

Closeup workspace of insurance broker, laptop, health insurance information form on desk

We offer our healthcare travelers and their qualified dependents multiple medical plans through Cigna, covering doctor visits, wellness exams, diagnostic tests, prescription medications, and hospitalizations. We also have dental and vision plans, so you can choose the coverage that fits your unique needs.

But that’s just the standard, right? Your coverage goes beyond that with life insurance, short- and long-term disability, hospital/indemnity, critical illness, and so much more – all available from day one. Nationwide. And TNAA’s bridge policy allows you to take up to 30 days between assignments without losing coverage. To qualify for the insurance bridge policy, you must have your next TNAA assignment booked prior to the current assignment’s end date and start that new assignment within the 30-day timeframe.

“Our travelers are moving from one place to another – maybe it’s a hospital or state or facility that’s across the country,” said Valarie, a TNAA Benefits Coordinator. “Having insurance on day one of the assignment provides a safety net in regards to, ‘What if I get sick? What if I’m COVID exposed? What if I fall and break my leg on day four of my contract? What is going to happen to me?’ The day one benefit is a large weight lifted off our travelers.”

So much goes into starting your career as a travel nurse or allied health traveler. We see that and make it easier for you to pursue the career by offering benefits that make the transition as seamless as possible. Day-one coverage lets you focus on your work and enjoy your assignments without worrying about the financial and logistical implications of unexpected situations.

“You know, it’s hard when transitioning from another job into a new one,” Nicole said. “Having day one coverage is just one of those things that makes life so much easier and makes the transition super smooth, easy, and enjoyable.”

Experience #theTNAAdifference

Day-one dental, vision, and health insurance for travelers is just the tip of TNAA’s benefits coverage. Other benefits that stood out to Laura as a travel nurse include our sick leave policy, retirement, and more.

“I talk about TNAA and how much I love them, and I do. There’s no company I love more. But it’s the benefits that sold me aside from the recruiter,” Laura said.

Experience #theTNAAdifference and see how you can pursue a career and a lifestyle that moves you with the benefits and support you need at your side every step of the way.