November 9, 2022

Healthcare Worker Discounts for Holiday Shopping

As healthcare workers, your work is essential all year round, but the impact of your work is especially felt during the holiday season. While everyone is out enjoying the festivities and holiday cheer, nurses, allied health professionals, doctors, and healthcare staff continue working tirelessly to ensure patients receive the best care.

As such, many companies recognize medical staff by offering discounts to healthcare workers during the holiday season. Healthcare professionals can take advantage of an array of exclusive deals, from clothing to tech products. Read on to find out where to get these special offers for healthcare workers and to make the most of the holiday deals.

Clothing and Apparel Discounts

Food Discounts

Hotel Discounts

Tech Discounts

Vehicle Discounts

Holiday Entertainment Discounts

Clothing and Apparel Discounts for Healthcare Workers

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Many retailers offer special clothing discounts for healthcare workers. These discounts range from 10% to 50%. Some stores even give healthcare workers free shipping.

However, as many chain store outlets operate as part of a franchise, they have their own regulations and promotions. Therefore, it’s best to always check with specific stores in your area that offer discounts for healthcare workers. As you shop at these retail stores, remember your work ID card, as you’ll need it to verify your eligibility for all of these purchases.

Ok, so we know that nurses and doctors spend a lot of time on their feet, which means good-quality footwear is vital.

Get your feet geared up for the holiday season with discounts from these stores:

  1. Rothys offers 20% off their machine-washable and style-conscious footwear for first responders and licensed healthcare workers.
  2. Asics has a whopping 40% discount for medical professionals on qualifying clothing and footwear items on their online store. Fill in your details to check your eligibility, and start shopping!
  3. Footwear giant Adidas has an exclusive 30% off on items purchased from their online store, and a 20% discount on products bought in-store at their factory outlets.
  4. Nike offers a 10% discount to first responders or medical professionals in the U.S.

Glam up your holiday outfits with discounted accessories from these stores:

  1. First responders can enjoy a discount on Columbia apparel through Register on the site and use your coupon to enjoy the benefits.
  2. Once registered on, nurses get a 15% discount on Ray-Ban sunglasses purchases.
  3. For a different brand of sunglasses, check out Maui Jim’s Mahalo To Heroes discount program, which offers discounts to healthcare workers to show gratitude to those in the healthcare industry.
  4. Nurses, doctors, and registered healthcare professionals can choose the perfect Vera Bradley bag of their choice while enjoying a 15% discount.
  5. Get a discount on your L.L.Bean order after verification through SheerID.
  6. Stock up on athletic wear and enjoy a 15% discount online and in-store at Lululemon after verifying your professional status. 

Now that you’ve got your holiday look in the bag, your next stop is deciding what to eat and where. Read on for more details.

Food Discounts for Healthcare Workers

Some grocery stores now offer special discounts to healthcare workers, and there are several companies that focus on bringing healthy, nutritious, and convenient meals to your doorstep.

In addition, some restaurants offer discounts and special deals on meals. These will come in handy during the holiday season when you don’t want to spend your downtime in front of the stove.

Here is a list of some food and beverage establishments offering great deals for those in the healthcare industry:

  1. Through the Thrive Gives initiative, Thrive Market offers membership deals to those working in the medical field.
  2. Home Chef, an innovative company that takes the stress of grocery shopping off your shoulders, offers an exclusive discount for healthcare professionals through
  3. For fresh and healthy foods, healthcare workers can get 70% off their first box at Hello Fresh and additional discounts on your boxes over the year.
  4. Take the family to dinner at Outback Steakhouse. They offer a 10% heroes discount for all healthcare workers.
  5. Johnny Rockets restaurants across the country have special deals to benefit healthcare workers. Bring along your ID tag and ask each location about their discounts.

A full belly makes for a sleepy body, so make time for quality rest at one of the participating hotels mentioned below.

Hotel Discounts for Healthcare Workers

Nothing says rest and relaxation like a few nights in a hotel, away from the ordinary hustle and bustle of daily life as a healthcare worker.

Hotels frequently offer discounts to medical professionals and their families, like those listed below:

  1. At the Marriot, first responders get 15% off at participating resorts.
  2. Getaway has a 15% discount on vacation packages once you have been verified by Before each getaway, make sure to return to the site to renew your discount code.
  3. When you travel with Hyatt, you can enjoy the Friends & Family discount through December 31, 2022, with the promo code THANKYOU.

While enjoying the peace of a getaway, make sure you are connected to the outside world with a range of discounts on technology products.

Read on for more details on how to step up your tech game, all while enjoying exclusive discounts.

Tech Discounts for Healthcare Workers

Communicating With the Loved Ones on Christmas: an Anonymous Woman Using her Laptop PC in a Christmas Setting

With the ever-evolving nature of technology, medical professionals need to keep up to do their job effectively. As systems constantly change, up-to-date gadgets and tech products are required.

Here are some companies offering discounts for healthcare workers on tech products and appliances:

  1. Lenovo offers special savings with a discount if you are a nurse, first responder, or doctor.
  2. The HP Frontline Store has discounts of up to 40% for frontline workers and medical professionals. Free shipping is also included in the offer.
  3. At Samsung, medical workers and first responders can receive up to 30% off when shopping online – a significant discount when splurging on the new cellphone, laptop, or appliance that you want.
  4. KitchenAid has a wide range of kitchen and home appliances, and healthcare workers can take full advantage of this range by using the company’s 25% off select appliances.
  5. Stay connected with a special discounted rate on internet lines from AT&T. Healthcare workers pay just $27 per line for four lines.
  6. While you’re out and about, ensure your home and its contents are safe. Ring, a company specializing in home security systems and devices, offers special discounts to healthcare workers.
  7. To keep the music going at the party over the season, get a Bose speaker at a discount or a set of headphones to play your favorite jams during your off time. It’s important to note that the deal only applies when making purchases of more than $199.

You might spend a lot of time on your phones and electronic devices, but as a healthcare traveler, you also spend time on the road. So get from point A to B with these particular vehicle deals highlighted below.

Vehicle Discounts for Healthcare Workers

If you want to get some new wheels or rent a car this holiday season, use these exclusive deals and discounts for medical professionals.

  1. Ford is saying thank you to first responders by offering discounts on their fleet. Check out their website for more information on these offerings.
  2. General Motors offers a discount on select vehicles for healthcare workers, first responders, and their registered spouses. So grab a car for yourself and your partner while you’re at it.
  3. Sixt has a 5% discount on car rentals for those in the medical field, which will come in handy when you plan your family holiday.

You’ll need a destination once you purchase your dream vehicle. Make sure it’s a good one by checking out these fun-filled holiday ideas for you and your family.

Holiday Entertainment Discounts for Healthcare Workers

When you do get some time off during the busy holiday season, spend it wisely with family and friends by using these exclusive discounts:

  1. Take the family to a magical and immersive wonderland at Disney on Ice. Discounted tickets can be bought through once you have verified your details.
  2. At Dave and Buster’s, healthcare workers can get a free $10 game card at selected establishments. Be sure to bring your work ID card along.
  3. Across the country, AMC Theatres offers discounts on ticket sales to first responders and nurses. Verification is required through first.

Treat Yourself This Holiday Season

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As a healthcare professional this holiday season, treat yourself for all the hard work you do for others. You can’t take care of others without caring for yourself first.

So make use of these special offers and discounts, which were created especially for you as a sign of gratitude for your tireless hours, long night shifts, and behind-the-scenes work.

Go out and buy that new car, see a show on stage, or whisk your family off on a weekend getaway. You deserve it.

While you’re browsing this list of discounts for healthcare workers, reach out to your travel nurse or allied health recruiter and ask for our perks flyer, which features even more exclusive deals for TNAA travelers.

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