February 8, 2017

Review of BluePipes Online Healthcare Professional Resource

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bluepipes travel nurse resource review from travel nurse across americaThe nursing job application system has advanced in recent years, making it hard for nurses to keep up. Websites like BluePipes have been created to make the process easier for both nurses and the healthcare industry. BluePipes is a professional networking platform dedicated solely to the healthcare industry. Here is our review of the website and its nursing resume feature, including the pros and cons.

What BluePipes Is

BluePipes is like LinkedIn for the nursing industry. As a professional networking platform dedicated solely to healthcare professionals, it is tailored to the unique needs of employees and employers within the industry. By providing space to insert certifications, licenses, skills, and more, BluePipes is made to fit what healthcare professionals need, which is an area where LinkedIn is lacking.

The BluePipes website states that its mission is “to simplify healthcare career management and employee onboarding.” It gives you access to a professional network designed to solve the challenges related to the healthcare industry.

Their blog has a wealth of information, including tips on how to write a nursing cover letter, a nurse resume, and a podcast on how much to expect for your travel nurse salary. BluePipes lets you download your profile as a resume that is formatted specifically for healthcare professionals. Your nursing resume is hosted on the Cloud, too, so you can access it anywhere, at any time.

What BluePipes Isn’t

BluePipes is not a recruitment service. Although it may give you the same result as one by connecting you to people in your network who can recommend you for a job or make connections, it is not BluePipes’ job to place you on your next travel nursing assignment.

How BluePipes Was Created

The co-founder of BluePipes, Kyle Schmidt, developed a passion for solving problems occurring in the healthcare industry, including career management and employee onboarding. His friend Bill Clark loved the idea and helped to launch the web application.

BluePipes was founded in May 2013 and now thousands of people use the site to manage their own records, details and professional networks, as well as obtain career advice and information.

The Pros:

  • Uniquely designed to meet the needs of the healthcare industry
  • Free to use
  • Fast and easy set up
  • Free access to over 100 comprehensive skills checklists that can be downloaded or emailed as PDFs at your discretion
  • Resume builder that formats for you to create a nursing resume
  • No spam

The Cons:

  • Yet another networking site to use on top of LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook
  • You need to be proactive in your search

Tips and Benefits for Travel Nurses

Some of the most helpful resources for travel nurses are the blog and the resume builder. Creating a registered nurse resume can be a tricky task, especially if you are a travel nurse. BluePipes makes it easy by formatting all of your information for you in an easy-to-read layout.

Tips on their blog, including the article, “What is the annual income for a travel nurse?” are especially helpful, because they expose some inaccurate sites and give a guideline for calculation, such as:

  • Dealing with annual income for travel nurses and duplicated expenses
  • Work weeks per year and annual income for travel nurses
  • Different regions, different travel nursing pay

Travel nurses, even more than other nurses, rely on the advice and experience of others to succeed in their careers. BluePipes can connect you with colleagues in the hospitals you are thinking of going to so you can read their reviews of the place and you can learn how to get the highest paid travel nursing assignments. You can also ask questions on discussion boards about how to phrase your travel nursing experience on your nursing resume.

Overall, BluePipes is an excellent resource for healthcare professionals that is revolutionizing the way people connect and apply for healthcare positions. It has been positively reviewed by SixFigureNurse.com who said, “If you are a nurse who is looking to advance your career, BluePipes is definitely worth looking into. I set up my account in about 3 minutes – it really was as easy as Kyle says it is.” The site has received positive feedback from travel nurses and travel allied professionals for reducing paperwork and connecting them to more agencies to get better assignments with higher pay. Best of all, the service is free to use, so you can try it and see if you like it without losing anything.