February 15, 2023

TNAA Health & Wellness Program Recognized for Extraordinary Work, Plans to Expand

#TNAAcares – that sentiment is true for the travelers we place in healthcare systems and the 600+ internal employees who help get them there. We strive to invest in each individual’s overall wellness – inside and outside the workplace.

In 2022, we kicked off TNAA’s Health & Wellness program, created with an overall focus on mental, physical, and spiritual wellness for our internal employees and, soon, travelers. Less than a year since its inception, the program is being recognized for its extraordinary work. Our representative from Cigna, a multinational managed healthcare and insurance company,  nominated TNAA’s Health & Wellness program for the 2022 Cigna Healthy Workforce Designation™.

TNAA was one of five Cigna clients recognized in the TriSouth market, including West Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi, for completing the award’s rigorous Organizational Assessment that evaluates leadership involvement, participation data, program implementation, and more. Approximately 173 clients in the Southeast region, which includes the TriSouth market, were recognized, and 800 clients across the nation completed the Organizational Assessment. While TNAA’s program did not receive a designation, being one of five recognized in our area is a fantastic accomplishment.

“I’m so proud of what we’ve done beyond measure,” says Kristen Henderson, HR manager and leader of TNAA’s Health & Wellness Committee. “We were recognized and nominated after being up for approximately nine months.”

Starting the Health & Wellness Program

When Kristen was tasked with leading and launching TNAA’s Health & Wellness Committee and subsequent program, she wanted to do it right. She spent five months developing it as she found committee members, integrated their passions into the program, and secured partnerships with other accredited, physician-led programs.

Throughout its first year, the Health & Wellness Committee focused on three pillars: mental health, nutrition, and exercise. Each pillar lasts eight weeks and gains intensity when re-visited to help participants create habits and see results. The pillars include bi-weekly webinars, resources, contests, and incentives.

“All of this allows us to cater the Health & Wellness program to our community of staff, colleagues, and their families,” Kristen says. “We firmly believe wellness spills over into our homes, making it all-encompassing and building a community of support for wellness.” 

The Health & Wellness program, paired with TNAA’s culture, core values, benefits, awards, and committees, work together to build that community. TNAA wants that community aspect to be felt by our healthcare travelers as well. That’s one reason why TNAA’s Health & Wellness Committee plans to extend its program to travelers in various ways in 2023.

“We want to show our travelers that we are there for them,” Kristen says. “They might not have a regular 9 – 5, but we have resources we can send them so that whenever they can engage, it’s available.”

As a company, we’re thrilled that TNAA’s Health & Wellness program significantly impacted our employees’ lives in such a short time, and we’re excited to see how the program expands to include travelers as it grows.