October 2, 2019

TNAA Named one of the Best Places to Work, Again

Stepping out as a travel nurse can be daunting. Every time you take a new assignment, it’s a step into the unknown: a new facility, a new unit, and new coworkers. But, TNAA travelers know they’re not traveling solo, we aim to support our travelers every step of their journey. For travel nurses, it’s essential to know who you work for and to be able to trust that they have your back.

Who We Are & How We Put Travel Nurses First

For the 6th year in a row, Travel Nurse Across America was named one of the Best Places to Work in Arkansas. We’ve also begun to win in South Carolina where we have another office located. Year after year, TNAA has been identified as one of the best employers in the state by our internal staff. So how does this translate into putting travel nurses first? 

tnaa staff in little rock

Greater Success for TNAA Travel Nurses

At our core, we believe in doing things a little bit differently. We believe in putting our nurses first and approaching every aspect of this business from that viewpoint. Some can call it old school or even inefficient compared to newer, technology-driven agencies, but in reality, it gives our nurses a 60% greater chance of success

tnaa travel nurses

  • RN Support: Our clinical staff averages 20+ years of experience. They work with each new traveler to ensure success on assignment. In fact, we have the lowest term & cancel rates in the industry. Read more about our full support team for healthcare travelers!
  • Transparency on Every Level: From blind submits to vague pay package quotes, we’ve heard it all. We offer our nurses a clear, easy-to-understand summary breaking down pay so they can see everything before giving the ‘okay’ for us to submit.
  • No Outsourcing, Ever: Your file, credentials, and jobs all process in-house. Not only do we pay for licensing and credentials, but we also work quickly to ensure your file clears so you can start on time. We also utilize in-house technology to provide accurate and updated job listings.
  • Nurse Feedback: We aren’t out on the front-lines of the industry. You are. And that is why we will always ask and utilize feedback from our nurses. From focus groups to surveys, our nurses have shaped what we do, from benefits to technology.

What Sets TNAA Apart From Other Agencies

We utilize a remote workforce model, so while our main office sits on the Arkansas River, a large population of our staff works from home. Like our travel nurses themselves, they’re spread out all across the United States. This remote model has allowed us to hire top-tier talent, regardless of location, like recruiter Ashley who lives in Iowa.


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Living Our Core Values

At TNAA, our staff lives our Core Values, and everything we do stems from them. We hope every single person who interacts with TNAA, from nurses to facility managers, feel that something special from us.

  • We place a premium on our how we engage in our relationships
  • We obsess over the experience of our nurses, vendors, and internal staff have with us
  • We aim to simplify the processes involved in this nuanced industry
  • We defend our culture