February 28, 2024

Travel Nurse Across America Honored With 2023 Cigna Healthy Workforce Designation™

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. Cigna Healthcare has selected Travel Nurse Across America (TNAA) as a recipient of their 2023 Bronze Level Healthy Workforce Designation for demonstrating a strong commitment to improving the health and vitality of its employees through its workplace well-being program.

TNAA’s Wellness Program, “The Three Pillars of Wellness”, integrates mental health, nutrition, and movement strategies to boost employee vitality and nurture a positive workplace culture and is administered by the company’s Health and Wellness Committee. The Committee employs live webinars, internal newsletters, and various channels to drive engagement, with each pillar undergoing a two-month rotation. This approach couples informative resources and practical applications with engaging challenges, incentives, and expert guest speakers for a comprehensive wellness experience.

Guided by Dr. Suzannah Bozzone, MD, and Kristen Henderson, TNAA’s HR Manager, the program’s success lies in evidence-based practices. The program’s impact is quantified by tracking engagement and leveraging Cigna data, ensuring resonance with the workforce. Utilizing technology allows for personalized experiences, fostering a cohesive community focused on vitality and well-being.

“Our program is designed to invigorate vitality, which we define as the capacity to pursue life with health, strength, and energy,” said Henderson. “Studies tell us that fewer than one in five U.S. adults report feeling high levels of vitality, and yet those with higher vitality experience better mental and physical health along with higher levels of job satisfaction and performance.” Research such as the Evernorth Vitality Index confirms that vitality is a driver of health and work/life engagement, and Cigna Healthcare believes it is not only essential to individuals but also serves as a catalyst for business and community growth, which is why they created the Healthy Workforce Designation.

“Higher vitality is linked to a more motivated, connected, and productive workforce,” said Kari Knight Stevens, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, The Cigna Group. “Employers that foster vitality will fuel a healthier workplace and drive business and economic growth. That’s why we’re proud to recognize employers for their efforts to prioritize multiple dimensions of wellness, build a culture of health, and boost employee engagement.”

The Cigna Healthy Workforce Designation evaluates organizations based on the core components of their well-being program, considering factors such as leadership and culture, program foundations and execution, and policies and accommodations. Organizations recognized with this designation set the standard of excellence for organizational health and vitality.

Cigna Healthcare is proud to honor Travel Nurse Across America with the Bronze level designation for having made good progress towards a healthy work culture through TNAA’s The Three Pillars of Wellness program.

About TNAA

Travel Nurse Across America is an Arkansas-based company founded in 1999 and has grown to become a Top 10 healthcare staffing provider of Clinical and Allied professionals to over 3300 Acute Care Hospitals in all 50 states and, via its MSP division, SimpliFi, provides workforce management services for some of the nation’s leading healthcare systems. TNAA was awarded the HCSS Certification with Distinction by The Joint Commission and is a founding member of the National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations (NATHO). TNAA has been awarded the 2022 Best Staffing Firms to Work For and the 2020 Best Temp Agency to Work For by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), and is a nine-time Arkansas Best Places to Work winner. For more information, visit www.tnaa.com.