May 17, 2017

Travel Nurse Pay: Why Doesn’t TNAA List Pay Rates?

TNAA & Your Pay

We receive a lot of questions about why we don’t make the pay rates for our travel nursing assignments available until a nurse applies with us. While we realize that most people would like to know how much a job pays before they apply, our motivation is simple – we’re looking out for our travelers. We don’t list pay rates as part of our commitment to provide the best travel experience possible. Read below to find out more.
TNAA pay rates

Why Can’t I See How Much Your Jobs Pay?

While it may seem strange that TNAA doesn’t post pay for travel nurse assignments, our intention is not to mislead anyone. It’s actually quite the opposite! Because of each traveler’s unique situation, pay rates and packages can vary from person to person and contract to contract, even at the same facility. We choose not to list pay rates because we don’t want nurses to apply thinking they will be paid a certain amount, only to find out it is different due to their particular circumstances and preferences, which can’t be determined until later.

What to Look for in a Pay Package

With so many moving parts, trying to figure out travel nurse pay can be tough! The key, however, is considering the entire package, not just hourly rate. Many factors contribute to a travel nurse’s compensation package including the hourly rate, benefits, housing, meals and incidentals – some of which are taxable and some possibly not, again depending on each individual’s circumstances. From the total compensation package, an “hourly equivalent” can be calculated, which is a more accurate way to evaluate travel nurse pay in each unique scenario.

Watch out! Some agencies will take non-taxable benefits and gross the amount up for taxes as a “tax equivalent” hourly rate. Be careful, as these items are not the same as hourly pay in the eyes of the IRS, plus everyone’s tax rates differ. Always make sure that the package follows all tax laws. It’s not worth it to put more in your pocket now if it puts you at risk of an audit in the future. When comparing packages, the most reputable agencies will provide a side-by-side comparison of competing pay packages to help you make an informed financial decision, considering each element.

But Wait – Some Agencies Post Pay Rates Online

travel nurse pay rates

Some travel nursing agencies will advertise pay rates on their companies’ websites or social media pages. While you may see some big numbers, keep in mind that this may not represent what is available to every nurse who applies. These advertisements are meant to capture your attention and get you to apply with the agency, and the pay rates may not be a realistic example of what you can expect.

When you travel with TNAA, you can rest assured we will always act in your best interests. We operate in an environment of integrity of transparency, and our experienced staff will work hard to guide you toward the travel assignment that best suits your needs. If you would like to travel with us, we encourage you to join us today! Apply to travel with TNAA