TNAA + SimpliFi Philanthropy

TNAA and its MSP, SimpliFi are partnering to sponsor the 2022 Mary Bridges Courage Ride.

About The Courage Ride

Join us August 20-21, 2022!

Funds raised through Mary Bridge Children’s Courage benefit child abuse prevention and treatment programs at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and Health Network. Learn more about this critical need through the race site, here.

TNAA Participants

Each participant agrees to fundraise for the mission of helping benefit child abuse prevention and treatment programs. You can read about those participating on the TNAA and SimpliFi team below, including how to help support their fundraising efforts.

Why Mark V. is Participating
Why Kayla H. is Participating
Why Christiaan is Participating
Why Kenzie is Participating
Why Cassie is Participating
Why Ashley is Participating