Spend a moment thinking of what you want in life. Maybe you imagine having more vacation days and rich experiences, adventuring around the world, buying your dream house and car, or building your skill sets. Now, are you living the life you dreamed? Time to take the leap!

How Can a Traveling Career Help You?

Whatever your dreams are, they don’t have to stay figments of your imagination. Instead of snuffing them out, give yourself the means to live them. It’s tempting to get lost in the pressures of work and squeeze life between shifts, but think about how invigorating it is to check off those bucket list items. It can fill you with a grand and refreshing sense of accomplishment and brighten your outlook on life.

TNAA’s travel nurses and allied health professionals have been able to explore every region of the nation and the world, reach their savings goals, work in the most prestigious hospitals, and go after their wildest dreams. Many find that traveling helps them renew their love for the medical field and find the work/life balance they’ve always wanted as they prioritize themselves, their mental health, and their goals.

If you’re considering a traveling career, start asking yourself…

What Is Your Ultimate Dream?

Because from November 2022 to January 2023, we’re in the dream-fulfilling business as we launch #TNAAdreambig. Often, we hear how healthcare traveling changes lives through the opportunities provided. TNAA wants to take that to the next level by discovering other dreams you have and fulfilling them. Our travelers told us what’s on their bucket lists, and each week, we’re rewarding a lucky winner (or a few!) by helping them achieve one of those dreams. Then, monthly, we’ll choose an overall winner who gets an even bigger bucket list item fulfilled. Check @travelnurseacrossamerica on Instagram to see what prize is up for grabs each week & month!

Winning Your Next Adventure is Simple. 

  1. Book a new assignment 
  2. Extend an assignment

During the #TNAAdreambig campaign, we want you to understand that if TNAA can help you tackle one bucket list item, nothing is holding you back from pursuing your dream of becoming a healthcare traveler. When you travel with TNAA, we’re here to assist you at every step.

January Weekly Prizes

  • Jan. 1 – 7: Tropical Vacation or Mountain Retreat
  • Jan. 8 – 14: $5k Technology Upgrade
  • Jan. 15 – 21: Airline Miles + Airbnb Gift Card for a Unique Stay
  • Jan. 22 – 31: TravCon Bundle – Flight, Hotel, Food, and Show

January Monthly Prize

  • $25,000 Toward Your Forever Home

Giveaway packages will vary, depending on sponsorships. Weekly giveaways will include an ultimate dream package valued at up to $5,000. Monthly giveaway value up to $25,000. #TNAAdreambig giveaway winner will be responsible for all taxes/fees associated with winnings. A cash option will be presented in lieu of a bucket list item. 

Be In The Know. The Details. The Fine Print.

Booking an assignment, new or an extension, will qualify travelers for the drawing associated with the week of their assignment booking date. Entry will be valid for one weekly drawing and will roll over to monthly drawing of correlating booking months unless chosen for the weekly prize. Beginning November 1, 2022, and ending January 31, 2023, if you book or extend an assignment, you will qualify for one entry into the promotional weekly and monthly drawing correlating with your booking date. Prize packages will not pay out until the traveler has completed two (2)weeks on assignment.  

One weekly winner will be selected at random, and one monthly winner will be selected at random during the months of November, December, and January. Non-winning weekly entries will roll over to the monthly drawing for that month only. Total weekly giveaway valued up to $5,000. Monthly giveaway packages are valued at up to $25,000. #TNAAdreambig giveaway winner is responsible for all taxes/fees associated with winnings. A cash option will be presented in place of the bucket list item.