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Grievance Policy

Grievance Policy

TNAA strives to create a streamlined employment process for its travelers, hospital clients, vendors, and in-house team. However, given the nature of business and circumstance, it is at times impossible to provide perfection. Thus, TNAA seeks to address every issue with the motivation of satisfying the needs, concerns, and expectations of all involved. If for any reason you are not happy with your TNAA experience, please contact us so that we may have the opportunity to correct and improve our process. The email address listed below is available for your convenience, and you can expect a prompt response not to exceed two business days.

Complaint Handling Process

TNAA dedicates itself to conducting business with integrity. Our desire for time efficiency does not compromise the company’s thorough evaluations, nor will it excuse TNAA from overlooking the needs, concerns and expectations of employees or customers. Our management team is committed to providing excellent, goal-achieving service.

As issues arise, they will be addressed. All incoming emails and suggestion notices will be directly sent to the VP of HR whose initial consideration will determine what department is most suited to resolve the complaint. Each department head is then responsible for evaluating the issue and pursuing an effective, time and cost efficient solution that is in the best interest of the complainant and TNAA. The department head may take counsel with others who are familiar with the situation (such as the recruiter, housing coordinator, etc).

In situations that are not clearly tied to a department, or that may involve varied or sensitive circumstances, the complaint will be forwarded to the VP of HR. The VP of HR will then proceed according to his/her valued judgment.

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Joint Commission

Any issue that the employee feels is too sensitive to discuss with the VP of HR or VP Admin Services, may report as necessary, and without retaliation, to The Joint Commission or CMS. Phone numbers are location on The Joint Commission website or call: 1-800-944-6610