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TNAA Leadership Team

Leadership That Knows the Travel Nursing Industry Inside and Out

Travel Nurse Across America was founded in 1999 by people who believed they could change the travel nursing industry for the better. Our leaders didn’t see travel nursing as a chance to make money, but an opportunity to place talented caregivers in jobs they love. This vision, along with a culture of honesty, transparency and unmatched customer service, has been passed down to our current leadership and continues to guide our growth.

Gene Scott

As Executive Chairman of Travel Nurse Across America, Gene oversees a dynamic group of healthcare staffing professionals whose dedication to outstanding personal service and long-term relationship building has helped the agency emerge as an industry leader. Gene joined TNAA in January 2008 following a 27-year career as a Certified Public Accountant practicing at both the national and local levels, serving primarily the healthcare industry. He is a Certified Medical Practice Analyst (CMPA), as well as a founding board member and 2016 president of the National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations (NATHO). Gene is also a frequent speaker at national industry conferences.

Tim McKenzie

As President and CEO of Travel Nurse Across America, Tim oversees a dynamic group of healthcare staffing professionals whose dedication to outstanding personal service and long-term relationship building has helped the agency emerge as an industry leader. 

Jean Cook

As CFO, Jean is responsible for the areas of finance and administration. She provides strategic oversight and direction of the finance processes, analysis, reporting and budgeting/planning efforts. In the administration role, Jean is responsible for ensuring the human resources and housing teams are accurate and efficient in providing their services to TNAA’s travel nurses and corporate staff. Jean joined TNAA in 2016 and brings more than 30 years of finance, HR and risk management experience with 20 of those years in executive leadership.

Kathy Kerstiens

As SVP of Client Services, Kathy manages TNAA’s new and existing relationships with client facilities, ensuring their complete satisfaction. She oversees a team of Client Services Directors and Account Managers located throughout the country, assisting with the fulfillment of assignment orders, closing of new business, and arranging visits to facilities. Kathy has more than 15 years experience in management and talent acquisition and has held senior roles in healthcare staffing since 2005. She is an expert communicator with the ability to effectively negotiate win-win outcomes.

Rose Fulton

As TNAA’s SVP of Recruitment, Rose trains, mentors and motivates a nationwide team of recruiters and recruiter liaisons. She is responsible for the conversion of new applications and retention of travelers on assignment, as well as the overall results and growth of her team. Partnering with all internal departments, she works to ultimately enhance the TNAA experience for travelers and quickly resolve any issues that arise. With more than 20 years experience in sales management, Rose is a proven motivator and an expert in conversion of leads.

Carla Price

As TNAA’s VP of Human Resources, Carla supports all of the company’s full-time administrative staff members and active travel nurses nationwide. She is responsible for facility contract maintenance, benefits administration, workers’ compensation, unemployment administration, and compliance with Joint Commission, OSHA and CDC requirements. Carla also consults with management on quality assurance related issues, staffing and programs, and assists the CEO with operational processes. She holds a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification and is a member of the Human Resource Management Association and the Society for Human Resource Management.

Lee Jernigan

As VP Information Services, Lee Jernigan manages TNAA’s technical infrastructure, designs and implements programming solutions, and collaborates with department leaders to develop new solutions to optimize their efficiency. He also oversees the company’s IT support and programming teams. Lee has more than 14 years’ experience, working in positions from IT support to Chief Information Officer. His wide range of experience includes mainframe programming, web technologies, database scripting and Windows programming.

Shannon Baker

As VP of Compliance, Shannon manages TNAA’s Quality Assurance team and ensures that all active nurse files are completed correctly by facility, state and TNAA guidelines. She is responsible for the development and implementation of new hire and ongoing training for her department, as well as TNAA’s adherence to Joint Commission requirements. Shannon has been working in compliance since 2008 and has been with TNAA since 2013.

Jill Eliassen

As TNAA’s VP of Clinical Services, Jill provides clinical support to client facilities and travel nurses throughout assignments to create a successful temporary staffing experience for both. Working with many of TNAA’s internal departments, Jill is involved at every step of an assignment’s creation and placement, ensuring that each one meets the needs of the facilities and the nurses’ goals. After receiving her nursing degree in 1998, Jill spent 12 years working in multiple acute care settings. She has been in the travel nursing industry since 2011 and serves as a member of the NATHO Clinical Executive Council.

Kurtis Cochran

As VP of Corporate Strategy, Kurtis is responsible for TNAA’s efforts in identifying, assessing and executing business development opportunities as well as industry and competitor analysis. In his role, Kurtis works with the TNAA leadership and Board of Directors to develop the growth strategies, operational efficiency initiatives, and the metrics used to keep the company at the forefront of the travel nursing industry. Kurtis has more than 8 years experience in financial analysis and management. Kurtis joined TNAA in 2014 as Director of Special Projects.

Scott Knox

As VP of Marketing, Scott Knox directs the company’s marketing and lead generation initiatives. He leads a team of marketing specialists who are responsible for TNAA’s email marketing, social media, and internal and external content creation. Scott has been with TNAA since 2016 and brings more than 10 years of experience in strategic marketing solutions that drive leads and long-term results.