Travel Nursing Jobs in Illinois

Travel Nursing Jobs in Illinois

Travel nursing jobs in Illinois can offer a wide variety of experiences. The most populous state in the Midwest is also an extremely diverse one, ranging from enormous urban areas like Chicago to quiet rural areas and vast expanses of farmland. While major cities like Chicago and Springfield are hubs for arts, culture, shopping and fine dining, the whole state is known for friendly, welcoming people and hearty, unique cuisine. Check out our available Illinois travel nursing jobs below.

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More about Illinois

Although most of Illinois is prairie – exceptionally flat prairie in the northeast corner – there is an area of rough-hewn hills in the northwest called the Driftless Region.

The terrain in the Driftless Region can be explained in terms of the Ice Age. Drift is a type of sediment laid down by glaciers, and this area was left untouched by the ice sheet that once covered most of what is now Illinois. As a result, it remains a hilly contrast to the rest of the state.

Throughout central Illinois, gently rolling plains occur where the land was smoothed and softened with sediments deposited by the advance and retreat of the ice sheet. Cultivated fields of corn and wheat have replaced native grasses, such as big bluestem, that once covered the prairie.

South of the plains, the rolling terrain tucks and gathers into the eastern most foothills of the Ozark Mountains, which extend west into Missouri.

Forests of hickory and oak that once flourished throughout the state are now confined to this region, particularly in the Shawnee National Forest. Much of the state’s wildlife is concentrated in these hills, including the white-tailed deer, which was once extinct in Illinois.

Illinois RN Licensure

Temporary License Timeframe: 3-4 weeks

Permanent License Timeframe: 6-8 weeks

Compact (eNLC): No 

Does this state offer a temporary license? Yes 

Licensure by Endorsement Requirements 

Cost of License 

Renewal Requirements 

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