Travel Nursing Jobs in Michigan

Travel Nursing Jobs in Michigan

Travel nursing jobs in Michigan welcome you to the Great Lakes region. This upper Midwest state has more miles of coastline than any other of the lower 48 and there’s any number of ways to enjoy them, from relaxing on sunny beaches in the summer to ice fishing in the winter. Make sure to sample the locally grown produce. Michigan is well known for its apple, cherry and berry production, and many communities hold festivals to celebrate the annual harvests. View our available Michigan travel nursing jobs below.

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More about Michigan

Playground of the Midwest

Bordered by four of the five Great Lakes, Michigan is a state defined by water, from busy industrial ports in the southeast to shorelines of wilderness in the Upper Peninsula.

The Great Lakes have shaped Michigan’s economy. Mining, logging, and Detroit’s auto industry owe their success to the vast transportation network of the Great Lakes. They also offer visitors beaches, harbors, islands, and numerous waterways for boating, fishing, swimming, and other pursuits. Inland, thousands of smaller lakes and thousands of acres of forest provide even more recreation opportunities.

A Tale of Two Peninsulas

Where Lakes Michigan and Huron meet at the Straits of Mackinac, Michigan is severed in two, creating the mitten-shaped Lower Peninsula and the often overlooked Upper Peninsula. Despite their connection via the Mackinac Bridge, the Upper and Lower peninsulas remain distinct regions. In order to accommodate the differences, Michigan holds two state fairs.

Some Lower Peninsula residents view the Upper Peninsula as a remote backwater compared to the more populated part of the state. Residents of the Upper Peninsula – or Yoopers, as they call themselves – launch occasional drives to declare independence from the rest of Michigan and create the state of Superior.

Land Between the Lakes

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula extends north and east from Wisconsin in a wedge that separates Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.

Along part of the northern coast of the Upper Peninsula the waves of Lake Superior slowly chisel the sandstone into the cliffs known as Pictured Rocks. A dense forest of beech, maple, pine, and spruce marches to the edge. Bears and bobcats share these woods with beavers and white-tailed deer.

The mitten shape of the Lower Peninsula separates Lake Michigan on the west from Lake Huron on the northeast. Along the northwest shore, nature continues to add real estate to the Sleeping Bear sand dunes, some of which reach as high as 450 feet (137 meters).

To the east, Saginaw Bay extends from Lake Huron, separating the thumb of the mitten from the rest of the hand. As you move south, forests give way to agriculture and industry. However, there is still one more Great Lake connected to this state – Lake Erie – which laps against the extreme southeast corner.

Michigan RN Licensure

Temporary License Timeframe: N/A

Permanent License Timeframe: Approximately 2-6 weeks

Compact (eNLC): No 

Does this state offer a temporary license? Yes 

Licensure by Endorsement Requirements – Pg. 3 

Cost of License – Pg. 1 

Renewal Requirements – Pg. 7 

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