Clinical Services for TNAA Travelers

Travel Nurse Across America has the best Clinical Services team in the business whose central focus is to make sure our healthcare travelers are supported and set up for success on their assignments.
tnaa clinical nurses

Our Clinical Services team makes sure every travel nurse and allied traveler can stay on their contract by ensuring their references are accurate and complete and providing onboarding education, ongoing support, career coaching, and direct feedback to each traveler regarding their performance on the job. They also speak with hospital facilities to ensure industry standards are practiced. The support TNAA’s Clinical Services team provides is second to none and is something you won’t find with every healthcare travel agency.

You can expect a phone call from your dedicated Clinical Director before the start of your first assignment. Your Clinical Director will help prep you for the start of your new assignment and let you know of any testing that might come up during orientation. They may even help you study!

While your clinician may change from assignment to assignment, the level of care and support you experience with TNAA’s Clinical Services team will not waiver. At any time during your assignment, our team is only a quick phone call, email, or text away to provide professional and emotional support. There are times when you need someone to listen and care who relates with what you’re going through and understands medical terminology. That empathy and professional support are what you’ll find in TNAA’s Clinical Services team.

Our Clinical Services team leads the charge on our RN-to-BSN partnership with Aspen University, which offers tuition reimbursement for TNAA travelers who apply and complete the program terms. They also take pride in the opportunity to present deserving TNAA travelers with DAISY Awards. These are just additional ways TNAA takes care of our travelers.