Ashley Hazen

Ashley Hazen

Recruitment Manager

About Ashley

Ashley has been a travel nurse recruiter for 5 years, and she’s loved every bit of it. While she credits her ability to dive into a traveler’s wants and needs to find them their perfect assignment, it’s her connection with her nurses that makes her a standout. To Ashley, creating genuine relationships is just a perk of the job. She’s been able to support her nurses in their personal and professional lives that’s how she’s formed real friendships. Ashley stays busy outside of work too, from tending to her small farm to wrangling two dogs and a cat. Oh, plus she’s Mom to her toddler and young baby. 

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“Ashley is one of the best recruiters I have come across on my traveling career. She is attentive, caring, and goes above and beyond to make her nurses feel, not only welcome but like family. I felt like I was the only employee she had, even though I knew she had others. It just proves how genuine of a person and professional she is.”
Elizabeth R.