Brett Lazansky

Sr. Recruiting Specialist
fun fact
Moonlights as a sports announcer!

About Brett

With over 17-years of experience, Brett brings in-depth knowledge of the industry to his nurses.  Travel nursing has a lot of moving parts and can feel chaotic at times. And that’s where Brett shines. He operates with an unparalleled sense of calm — and his nurses resonate with that reassuring quality. It all comes down to being genuine and caring about his nurses’ goals. For Brett, the best part of being a travel nurse recruiter is helping someone find a job. But more than that, he loves seeing his nurses succeed, from going somewhere they never thought they’d go to getting the experience they need for that bucket list job. Outside of work, this Florida native lives in Georgia, where he spends his time with his family hiking and playing sports. And speaking of sports, it’s Yankees and Cowboys.