Cory Major

Cory Major

Recruiting Specialist
fun fact
Goes to the beach as often as possible

About Cory

Cory loves being a resource and pillar of support for his traveling healthcare professionals. With more than 5 years of recruitment experience, he understands that there is a hefty amount of trust that goes into being a traveler and choosing the right agency. He sees the vital role healthcare professionals fill and the empathy and compassion they hold for each patient who enters into their care. For these reasons, Cory is dedicated to assisting travelers every step of the way as they #travelwithTNAA – from getting and starting assignments to moving on to their next adventure. With a solutions-driven attitude, he works to build trusting relationships with each of the healthcare professionals he helps.

When he’s not working, Cory loves to spend time with his family, enjoy life on the beach, and play pick-up basketball.

"Cory has been amazing and present throughout the whole process! He has been so great. I’ve walked away from many jobs because of my contact person. There are a million jobs and having the right person can really dictate every move. He was perfect in every way!"
Katherine E., RN