Cyndi McDaniel

Cyndi McDaniel

Allied Recruiting Specialist
fun fact
I am a card-carrying Native American!

About Cyndi

Cyndi’s previous experience in social work and as a recruiter allowed her to help people map out their life courses. Now, she’s applying that experience to her job as a TNAA healthcare recruiter. She loves seeing her travelers succeed and hearing about all the fun places they’ve been able to see. She wants her travelers to be eager to speak with her again after having a conversation with her.

Cyndi comes from a rodeo and cowboy family. She says cowboy life is more than just tending horses and cows; it’s a feisty attitude embodying the spirit of integrity and determination.

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"Cyndi was fantastic! Was always quick to respond and quick with getting me accepted to my first contract! Cyndi made sure I understood what I needed to do and when. She genuinely cared about my interests and finding a job that was right for me!"
Holly E.