Deana Passavanti-Moyal

Deana Passavanti-Moyal

Recruitment Manager
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Lived on a 40-Ft Motor Boat for 2 Years

About Deana

Deana has been working in the travel healthcare industry for 20+ years, and her vast knowledge and experience lets her help her travelers navigate the traveling world with ease. She loves to help her travelers achieve their goals, especially those they never thought were possible and is keen on providing as much support as she can to her travelers. Outside of work, Deana likes to explore the world around her, especially the ocean, which she has a deep love for.

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Deana has made all of my nerves regarding traveling minimal. She consistently checks in with me on where I am at in regards to traveling. She remembers details I told her only once, and has factored those details into her research for jobs. She’s personable, kind, prompt, friendly, genuine, and extremely professional. I highly recommend her!
Alexandrea G. | RN