Pay Packages for Healthcare Travelers

It’s hard to ignore the big paycheck that comes with a travel nurse or allied traveler career. It’s one of the most enticing parts of becoming a healthcare traveler! But, some of the most important parts of a pay package aren’t listed with the numbers, at least initially. The benefits each agency offers surrounding pay and time off can make or break the total amount of money you earn on the entire assignment.
tnaa travel nurse pay packages

Guaranteed Pay with TNAA

Guaranteed Pay with TNAA is the best in the business. With TNAA, Guaranteed Pay means something. Many contracts allow a hospital to call off a set amount of shifts without penalty to the hospital.  When that occurs to a traveler on contract with TNAA, their per diems are not affected.  However, many agencies will not pay per diems or retract them if the traveler doesn’t get their hours as a result of low census. Depending on the contract and the amount of allowable low census call-offs by the hospital, this could result in a difference of thousands of dollars between a healthcare professional traveling with TNAA vs. another agency. Yet one more reason TNAA is the best in the business.

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All Those Benefits Really Add Up

Comparing pay packages from different healthcare traveler companies is difficult. With so many intricate details and many companies throwing important information into the fine print, it’s often hard to make an “apples-to-apples” comparison. To make the fairest assessment possible, make sure to take your time and consider important factors beyond just the pay you’ll be taking home, like benefits, time off, and taxes.

Two of the benefits that are unique to TNAA are Paid Sick Leave and Your Way is Paid. These can make a big difference in the amount of money that you bring home. We offer Paid Sick Leave to all of our travelers working in every state, and it starts accruing from day one of your first assignment. You are eligible to use the time accrued as soon as it is available, as long as you are actively on assignment with TNAA. With Your Way is Paid, TNAA pays for or reimburses our travelers for 100% of the costs associated with all licenses, certifications, physical examinations, and immunizations needed when taking an assignment with us.

At TNAA, transparency is important. We take the time to walk you through your paycheck, so you’ll know exactly what you will take home each week.