March 29, 2019

20 Years of TNAA: A Look Back with Recruiters

tnaa recruiters talk about changes in recruitment practices

TNAA turns 20 this year! Grab your Dr. Martens®, push play on your Space Jam soundtrack, and let’s take a trip down memory lane. We’re sitting down with our team to see just how much has changed in the past 20 years.

Let’s Talk About Recruiters

If you talk to any of our recruiters, you’ll find they’re passionate about nurses and forming connections — after all their job is talking to people. The best travel nurse recruiters aren’t just those who enjoy talking to people, but who are also problem solvers. Every travel nurse recruiter has a story of something that has gone awry for one of their nurses while on assignment, and the recruiter is the one who gets the call.

How has Recruiting Changed in the Last 20 Years?

Quite a bit! Yet, not that much. At the core, travel nurse recruitment is about forming connections to fill contingent staffing needs at hospitals and facilities across the country. What has changed, is the way recruiters can communicate with their nurses and prospective nurses.

“We did a lot of faxing,” Director of Recruitment, Derek King explained. Cell phones were relatively new and ring tones were all the rage. Derek told us that everyone wanted their ring tones to be a song or something crazy — making it a very interesting hearing recruiters phones go off. “Texting wasn’t really a thing. I was supplied a flip phone from TNAA and if I wanted to text the letter “C”, I had to click the number 2 three times!”

travel nurse recruiting in the past

Hello, have you met Facebook? The social media platform is home to the largest travel nurse networking communities allowing travel nurses to connect with each other, and also with recruiters. We’re able to answer a nurses’ question practically in real time without them having to contact us. A nurse will post a question about a pay package, or something with their benefits or housing, and recruiters from all different agencies can give them advice on how to address the issue.

That’s So 90’s

travel nurse recruiting in the past

Remember the y2k hype? Read this vintage 1998 article about how y2k was supposed to impact healthcare. Turns out, the year 2000 came and went without our computers crashing and ushered in new technology to help us stay connected. From travel blogs to Instagram influencers, the technology has changed a lot. “I used to think AOL instant messenger was amazing. Now we have the technology to have remote recruiters.”

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