The Best Travel Nurse Benefits

Take your career further with a job in travel nursing. TNAA is proud to offer the BEST travel nurse benefits package in the industry.
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Take your career further with a job in travel nursing. TNAA is proud to offer the BEST travel nurse benefits package in the industry.

The plan offers a match along with 100% vesting for eligible travelers through payroll deduction. Travelers can also roll over any funds from other retirement savings plans or accounts.

Paid Sick Leave From Day One

Unlike many other agencies, we offer paid sick leave in every state that begins accruing from your first day. You’re able to use it when you need it as long as you are actively on assignment with TNAA.

Guaranteed Pay

Pay is important. Ask your TNAA recruiter how our guaranteed pay differs from what you might know it as.

"The employees at TNAA are the best I have found for caring for their Nurses personally! I have been traveling for a while and used a couple of companies but find the staff at TNAA the most supportive! Recommend them highly!"
Sharon H.
Sharon H.
Your Way Is Paid

Nursing requires considerable licensure, and those costs can add up quickly. TNAA is different from other agencies—we cover all licensure fees, physical exams and immunizations you need before you travel.

Travel Reimbursement

Travel to your destination however you’d like. We’ll provide up to $1,000 to cover your trip-related mileage and flight fees.

Free Continuing Education

We’re committed to your development and are proud to offer free continuing education. Never stop growing, even as you travel.


Traveling with TNAA means traveling insured. We have you covered from day one with a comprehensive package that offers health, dental, vision, and liability insurance.

Weekly Pay

Payday matters. On top of competitive pay rates, we offer the convenience of weekly paychecks and direct deposit. You’ll receive a W-2 at the end of every year.

Assignment Benefits Summary

Compensation shouldn’t be a mystery. Before you sign a contract, we’ll provide you with a clear summary of your hourly pay rate, per diems, estimated applicable taxes and net take-home pay.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

TNAA’s Employee Assistance Program gives you and your loved ones resources to successfully navigate personal and professional issues. It is free for all travelers to use.

Chaplain Assistance Program

Whether you’re dealing with a personal life issue or struggling from grief in your work, TNAA’s chaplain is a shoulder to lean on, a source of nondenominational spiritual care, or simply a listening ear.

Mental Wellness Resources

As a TNAA traveler, you have access to several mental health resources – even if you don’t choose agency-provided insurance. No matter your scenario, know that TNAA has options for you.