Housing for TNAA Travelers

One of the most daunting parts of becoming a healthcare traveler is finding new housing with each assignment. Combined, TNAA’s housing experts have over fifty years of industry knowledge to assist you on your housing journey.

The Smart, Time-Saving Choice for Busy Travelers

With Travel Nurse Across America, you have housing options, and that’s not something you get with many agencies. Our team of dedicated housing specialists helps find the right housing solutions based on your needs – whether you’re a solo healthcare traveler or if you take your family and pets on the road with you.

Our team has access to high-quality, furnished apartments or private housing with covered utilities. Or, if you want to secure housing on your own, our specialists are still available to steer you toward traveler-friendly options with our leads list.

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Travelers Haven Partnership

TNAA offers apartments and privately owned properties through an innovative partnership with Travelers Haven, one of the country’s largest suppliers of temporary housing to the healthcare industry. With the guidance of your TNAA specialist, Travelers Haven will locate and secure an apartment, rent furniture, and set up utilities. A major plus about our partnership with Travelers Haven is that there’s often no credit check required or a deposit that you need to pay. With convenient payment plans and no upfront costs, it’s no surprise that thousands of travelers choose Travelers Haven each year.

Payment Assistance

TNAA’s Payment Assistance Program is available to qualified healthcare travelers who need help covering deposits, utilities, and other apartment startup costs. If you qualify, we can help you pay some of these costs and set up a convenient repayment plan for you after you start your assignment.

Hotel Stays

If you want to explore your new area before committing to new housing, we can assist with a temporary hotel stay for up to two weeks. If you prefer to stay in a hotel your entire assignment, we also have long-term hotel options available in most areas with deep discounts on rates.

Leads List

If you want to find your own accommodations, TNAA can still help! We have a list of great housing resources and can steer you toward traveler-friendly options. We’re here to help make your housing transition smooth and pain-free.

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