Allied & Travel Nurse Housing Done Differently

As a TNAA traveler, you have your own allied & travel nurse housing specialist who guides you to the best options that fit your situation and housing needs.

Keep Your Per Diem & Still Get TNAA Housing Help

Your lodging per diem is 100% yours. We’re here to guide you to safe accommodations that are within the budget that you set, and the rest of the per diem is for you to keep.

We know housing can be an assignment dealbreaker, but TNAA is here to help you succeed – whether you’re traveling with family and friends, pets, or solo.

You have multiple housing options at TNAA, and you have the final choice on where you stay – that’s not something you get with many agencies.

TNAA’s Helpful Housing Options

Financial Assistance

Want help with upfront move-in costs? TNAA’s Financial Assistance Program is available to qualified travel nurses & allied travelers who need help covering deposits, utilities, and other apartment startup fees. If you qualify, we can help you pay some of these costs and set up a convenient repayment plan for you after you start your assignment.

Leads List

If you want to find your own accommodations, let us guide you to traveler-friendly options! We have leads lists that can make your housing transition smooth and pain-free whether you’re looking to house the whole family or need a place to park an RV.

Per Diem Assistance Program

The entire per diem belongs to YOU. Our allied & travel nurse housing specialists are just here to assist you with finding accommodations. A traveling career is hard enough, and we want to provide resources to make it easier.

Extended Stay Hotels

If you prefer to stay in a hotel for your entire assignment, we have long-term hotel options with deep discounts on rates available in most areas.

Maybe you just want to scope out the area before committing to a lease on a rental. We can assist with a temporary hotel stay for up to two weeks, so you can ensure the area is suitable.

Want to know what other extended stay perks are available for TNAA travelers? Ask your recruiter about our Traveler Perks flyer.

Travelers Haven

TNAA offers apartments and privately owned properties through an innovative partnership with Travelers Haven, one of the country’s largest suppliers of temporary housing to the healthcare industry. With the guidance of your housing specialist, Travelers Haven will locate and secure accommodations, rent furniture, and set up utilities. A major plus about our partnership with Travelers Haven is that there’s often no credit check required or a deposit that you need to pay.

Hello Landing

Hello Landing offers full-service housing options with locations in more than 375+ cities! As you prepare for your move, Hello Landing gets to work setting up utilities and WiFi for you, making moving from place to place a breeze.

Housing Is Easier With Our Support

It’s our job to make your allied & travel nurse career as simple as possible. The TNAA housing team is one way we do that. Your housing specialist is aligned to your recruiter and gets to know your unique needs, so they know what to do right away when you want to find safe and comfortable accommodations within your budget.

Your allied & travel nurse housing specialist is always here to help! All you have to do is reach out. Contact them if you…

  • Want to secure housing on your own but need to know traveler-friendly places
  • Need assistance housing your pets
  • Want to scope out the area before you commit to a lease
  • Have an emergency and need housing help
  • Would like to take company-provided housing for your next assignment
  • Or have any housing questions.

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Need to Reach the Housing Team?
Contact Your Recruiter For More Information.

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