April 4, 2018

4 Ways We Are Innovating at TNAA

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At Travel Nurse Across America, we are committed to becoming the best travel nurse agency in the industry by providing the best experience for every nurse, on every assignment. This goes beyond offering the best benefits package. Our team is continually striving to create innovative benefits and putting focus on the little things to make traveling with TNAA a rewarding and fun experience. While this information is no longer the most up-to-date, it’s still relevant to our travelers. Click here for the newest information on our benefits program.

1. New Benefits 

Nurses who choose to travel with us are at the core of our success.  As we prepared to enrich our benefits program, we went straight to our travel nurses and gathered data from focus groups to discover which benefits nurses wanted most. At the end of 2017, we revamped our benefits program to include:

  • Weekly Pay: Pay is direct deposited weekly. Each traveler is assigned a payroll specialist who will ensure your pay is accurate and on-time.
  • Low Census Protection™: Travelers on our Prime pay package have this one-of-a-kind pay protection. Learn more about how it works here.
  • Boost Pay: Travelers on our Prime pay package receive this monetary perk for hours worked beyond their contract, before overtime kicks in. Learn more about our pay packages and TNAA Boost Pay here.
  • Vision Insurance: Our travelers reported they wanted vision insurance and we delivered! Read about our benefits here.
  • Rebook and Extension Bonus: We wanted a way to reward our loyal travelers. Learn more here.
  • Pet Perks: Many of our nurses travel with their pets, so we added pet insurance and other pet perks. Read about them here.

pet friendly travel nurse housing

2. Keeping it Simple

Moving every few months while travel nursing can be a challenge, so we strive to make things as easy as possible for our travelers. We make sure you know all the details prior to signing the contract so that there are no surprises. That’s why we provide you with an Assignment Benefits Summary that spells out your hourly pay rate, per diems, estimated applicable taxes, benefits, and net take-home pay. This year, our Payroll team even redesigned and updated our nurse pay-stubs in-house to make them simpler and easier to read.

Read About our Clear, Easy-to-Understand Pay Package Summary

3. Rewarding Travelers with the Best Giveaways

Providing day one health insurance, sick pay, easy housing options, and bonuses are great. But we wanted to take it a step further to show our travelers how much we appreciate them.

Take a Vacation on TNAA

This giveaway is no longer active. Everyone needs to take a break from work and go on vacation – research even proves it’s good for you! That’s why we’ve implemented a special spring promotion where every nurse can take their pick between three well-deserved vacation options, compliments of TNAA.

Drive Your Career Forward With TNAA

#TNAAgivesback is an epic giveaway with F O U R Ultimate Prize Package Giveaways that include a brand new vehicle. We wanted to make a lasting impact that would enhance the winner’s day-to-day life. Having reliable transportation is paramount to travel nurses. Learn about this program here.

travel nurse vehicle

4. Addressing Nurse Burnout

It isn’t always easy to be away from your family and friends while you’re traveling. Everyone needs someone to talk with about life’s challenges at some point. That’s why we created a unique package of benefits that focus on your mental, emotional, and/or spiritual wellbeing.

Chaplain Program

As an extension of our TNAA staff, we have a partnership with Corporate Chaplains of America. Our chaplain, Larry Remington, reaches out to each traveler at the beginning of their assignment to introduce himself. Of course, participation is strictly voluntary, and the program is non-denominational and nonsectarian. He’s worked with our travelers who are struggling with emotional trauma, grief after the loss of a patient, and the mental challenges of divorce while on the road.

nurse assaulted

Employee Assistance Program

At TNAA we want our travelers to have a worry-free experience while on assignment, and that includes everything from offering money management services for our travelers to arranging pet-sitting services. Our EAP program is designed to help them with anything they need: legal, financial, and work-life balance. We believe our benefits offer more than just insurance. You can read about all we offer here, A — Z.

Addressing Workplace Violence Against Nurses

Violence against healthcare workers is rampant, commonplace, and completely unacceptable. Acknowledging workplace violence is one of those uncomfortable topics that we simply don’t have the luxury to ignore. You may be required to complete a crisis prevention training or assaultive behavior program. It’s an extra step before you can start your assignment, and while our goal is to simplify the process of starting an assignment, it’s for your safety. We will work the facility to negotiate as much as possible in regards to when you can complete the training. We’re also exploring how we can offer this training to our nurses as an added benefit. Read our update on Crisis Prevention Training programs here.

Our team continues to create new benefits and programs to make TNAA a travel nursing agency of choice and each assignment meaningful and memorable. We always appreciate your feedback, so if you have any ideas about benefits you’d like to see in the future, please let us know!