April 18, 2019

Recruiter Highlight: Tara's Litter Initiative

Recruiter Highlight: Tara’s Litter Initiative

We want to highlight TNAA recruiter, Tara,  for the work she does in her hometown of Greenwood, South Carolina with a litter clean-up initiative. 

Trash Time with Tara

Tara has been a travel nurse recruiter for 14 years and has always had a passion for people. She’s grateful to be able to work with nurses and those who help people.  Tara loves building relationships with her nurses, and especially loves helping first-time travelers. Their journey can be daunting and her personal mission is to ease their nerves and help them have a worry-free experience on their first assignment.

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When her husband became the Mayor of Greenwood, she decided to help her community too. Trash Time with Tara started in November of 2018 with just Tara and her family. Now, the large trash pickup crew has gained some serious traction. The crew hits different parts of their community from neighborhoods to bypasses.

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Making a Difference

Tara’s once-small litter crew has brought a lot of awareness to the community, and for that, she’s so thankful. Litter and trash have been shown to be economically damaging to tourism and potential business. Tara joined Keep Greenwood County Beautiful, through this organization she’s been able to learn and get supplies. This coordination has allowed her to reach out to different groups, like Eco-Kids programs through the school.

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Lasting Impact

Having kids programs join in her efforts has been rewarding. We’re teaching the next generation to have pride in their communities and keep it clean– but that’s not all! The community will now be hiring a full-time employee to do work on legislation to support her efforts.

Tell Me About Earth Day

Earth Day is a global event that happens each year but it kicked off here in the United States in 1970. More than 1 billion people in over 190 countries participate in this civic-focused day of action, from political measures to individual action.

Interested in Earth Day projects in your community? Check out earthday.org & learn about their initiatives.