May 10, 2019

Thanking Our Travel Nurses

tnaa travel nurses

National Nurses Week is a week that is near-and-dear to our hearts. It’s one week where we have the opportunity to show our nurses how much we appreciate just how much nurses do to care for patients. We know that sometimes travel nurses don’t get the recognition they deserve, so let us take this time to brag on why they’re so amazing.

Travel Nurses Are Nurses Too

While this may seem obvious, too often travel nurses can feel like they’re not part of the hospital community since they head off to a new assignment after 13 weeks. The bottom line is they are nurses too, and good ones! Travel nurses have to perform with little orientation, new colleagues, and in an unfamiliar environment. And that can be very stressful. Yet, time and time again, we hear stories about our nurses rising to the challenge. In fact, we have a few DAISY award winners you can read about! Ambassador Laura explains her calling to be a nurse and tells the story of a patient she saved. Similarly, Stanton acted quickly with his patient and was nominated for the outstanding care he gave, read his story here.

Our Travel Nurse Brand Ambassadors

tnaa nurses give feedback

At TNAA, we have a special group of travel nurses who work to create the best travel experience possible for other nurses. They provide us with direct feedback and ideas for us to help improve the experience nurses have when they travel with us. So when you hear about our best-in-class benefits — like 401(k) with match, day 1 sick pay, or our RN to BSN tuition reimbursement program — you can thank our Ambassadors. When you see streamlined job search features, you can thank our Ambassadors.



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Crazy past couple of days! . . Last year, my travel nurse company, @travelnurseacrossamerica flew me out to their main HQ in Little Rock, AR to become an Ambassador for their company. I got to participate in focus groups and actually tell the company what nurses wanted during their travel assignments. The whole time they also gave me information on all the behind the scenes action that goes on for just me, to do my job. They wined and dined me and gave me gifts to show appreciation, but the real reward was the way they treated their nurses, as if I was family. . . . Fast forward to today, TNAA flew me out again just to celebrate their 20th anniversary as a company! I met all the other ambassadors, the CEO of the company, strengthened current relationships with my recuiter @geoff_brabec_tnaa and we all had such a blast! Even got to meet other nursing advocate reps that are interested in my podcast @themursesstation. Who knew I would be in this situation as a nurse?! Crazy where life takes you! I love this company. . . . #nursing #nurses #nursesofig #murses #medical #nurse #murse #studentnurse #medical #medicine #travelnursing #travelnurse #nclex #nclexprep #podcasts #podcast

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Thank You

Not only do they travel to a new hospital every 13 weeks and provide life-saving care, but they also are making the travel nursing world better for other nurses. The industry wouldn’t be the same without them.


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