March 15, 2019

TNAA Turns 20: A Look Back at Benefits

tnaa talks about how benefits have changed over 20 years

TNAA turns 20 this year! Grab your Dr. Martens®, push play on your Space Jam soundtrack, and let’s take a trip down memory lane. We’re sitting down with our team to see just how much has changed in the past 20 years.

Let’s Talk About Benefits

What do our travelers need while on assignment? We’ve been asking ourselves that since 1999. It sounds so simple, but it’s a lot more complicated, and you have to remember they’re likely without their support system so even things as simple as going to the pharmacy or dealing with a sinus infection can become stressful. That’s why we think benefits should encompass more than just insurance.90s technology we miss

How have the benefits we offer changed throughout 20 years?

A lot has changed as far as the way travelers are classified. Switching our travel nurses to full employees who receive a W-2 was a massive change. When you start thinking about your travelers this way, everything changes.

Meet Cheryl, our Human Resources Director. “In my opinion, the most meaningful change has been to give our travelers and recruiters a dedicated benefits specialist.” Having a dedicated individual means they can spend time building relationships and becoming familiar with the needs of the traveler and recruiter. Nurses now have a subject-matter expert for their benefit needs who can genuinely understand their personalities and behaviors.

We’re proud of how our benefits have changed, but it’s really all thanks to our nurses. We continuously ask for honest feedback so we can continue to grow our program to protect their pay in a variety of situations while offering as much support as possible. We count on their feedback and recommendations.

That’s So 90s90s technology for tnaa turns 20

In the past 20 years, a lot has changed, namely technology. With a simple click, Benefits Specialists can quickly send a downloadable PDF of all of our benefits. While all these changes have drastically improved the work Cheryl, and our benefits specialists can do. So what 90’s tech does Cheryl miss? Pagers? Fax machines? “I miss not having as much technology. We used to have more meaningful interactions, and we have a lot of missed opportunities to connect now.”

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