May 23, 2018

Prime and MaxCash: Your Guides to TNAA Pay Packages

Take Control of Your Career With Pay Packages You Choose

At Travel Nurse Across America, we know every traveler has a different lifestyle and different needs. We are dedicated to constantly moving the industry forward by providing innovative choices. That’s why we’ve enhanced our pay package options by offering two options, TNAA Prime and MaxCash.

If you are a traveler who wants the most comprehensive protection and benefits, TNAA Prime is for you. Maybe you’re in that stage of life where you need less protection and want to maximize your net pay, we developed the MaxCash pay package for you.

We’ve created this comparison chart to help our travelers select which package and options best match your needs. As always, our experienced recruiters will walk our travelers through each option. For clarity, an explanation of benefit variations for each package follows the comparison chart.

TNAA pay packages comparison graphic



  • TNAA Boost Pay

When we revamped our benefits package, we included TNAA Boost Pay as an incentive on top of any overtime pay you would accrue when working an extra shift. This benefit is limited to travelers who select TNAA Prime.

  • Extension and Rebook Bonuses

This program allows you to earn money by extending your current assignment or signing up for a new assignment with Travel Nurse Across America. You will receive an Extension Bonus when you extend your current assignment. When you sign up for a new assignment, you will receive a Rebook Bonus. This benefit is limited to travelers who select TNAA Prime.

  • Weekly Pay

Every nurse who travels with TNAA receives Weekly Pay on either benefit package.

  • Referral Bonuses

We reward all of our travel nurses for referrals! You get a $500 referral bonus for each nurse you refer who accepts an assignment with TNAA. Refer a friend today! 

Pay Protection

  • Low Census Protection ™ 

Low Census Protection ™ is available to travelers who choose TNAA Prime. We pay for the number of hours you’ve agreed to work in your contract, regardless of changing needs of the hospital due to low census. If the census drops and your shift is cut, we will make up any difference in your paycheck.

  • Guaranteed Pay

While Low Census Protection ™ is not a benefit included in the MaxCash package, nurses who choose MaxCash are still guaranteed to be paid for the hours each facility agrees upon in their contract.

  • Sick Leave on ALL Assignments

We are proud to offer paid sick leave each of our travel nurses in all 50 states. Sick leave begins accruing from your first day, and you’re eligible to use it after 90 days of employment, regardless of whether you choose TNAA Prime and MaxCash.

Your Way is Paid

  • 100% of ALL Credentialing Costs

 Select either TNAA Prime or MaxCash – we have your credentialing costs covered! At TNAA, we pay all costs associated with getting the licenses and certifications you will need when taking a travel assignment with us. In addition, we arrange and pay for any physical examinations and immunizations needed prior to your start date.

  • Travel Reimbursement

We keep travel reimbursement simple for both TNAA Prime and MaxCash packages. We offer up to $1,000 to cover expenses involved in getting you to your assignment. How you choose to travel is up to you.


  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance

TNAA Prime offers day one insurance with a comprehensive package including health, dental, vision, and liability. For health coverage, our travel nurses and their qualified dependents are eligible for a low-deductible PPO plan through Cigna. Travelers who select MaxCash have à la carte options to add medical, dental and/or vision insurance to their benefits package.

  • Medical/Dental/Vision Bridge

Travelers with the TNAA Prime package are allowed a bridge period to extend your medical, dental and vision coverage in between assignments for 3 weeks. You must book your next assignment with TNAA to be eligible for bridge coverage.

  • Optional Benefits

Optional benefits are available to travelers who select TNAA Prime. These include disability, accident, critical illness, and pet coverage.


  • Easy Stay Housing

Both TNAA Prime and MaxCash packages are eligible for a housing subsidy through our Easy Stay Program.  Nurses who choose MaxCash will be provided with up to 3 housing choices.

  • Clinical 

Our Clinical team is crucial to ensuring you are supported and set up for success on each assignment. We make sure your references are accurate and complete, provide on-boarding education, ongoing support, career coaching, and performance feedback for every traveler on any benefit package.

  • Tax Compliance

Our goal is to make sure both you and our agency are in full compliance with all IRS rules and regulations. We use data recognized by the IRS that is specific by region to ensure you’ll get the maximum legal tax benefit allowed by the law. This benefit is provided for every traveler.