June 28, 2024

Best Ways to Save Money When on Assignment

Visiting so many unique spots across the country is one of the best parts of being a healthcare traveler. At the same time, the costs associated with traveling to new places and trying new things can unexpectedly add up. Before you know it, you could find yourself spending more than you expected.

Making smart money decisions will help keep your spending down and your budget in check, saving you money and helping you get the most out of your travel experiences.

Read on to discover money-saving tips for travel nurses and allied healthcare travelers!

Money-Saving Tips for Travel Nurses

Make a Budget that Works

The first step in creating a budget is making a list of your income and expenses. A wide variety of apps and sites are available to make budgeting easier than ever. Don’t be intimidated—many of these resources take it step-by-step to make this a success for you.

For a list of discounts offered to nurses and healthcare workers, check out our blog on current discounts you can find for everything from fashion to home goods!

Keep in mind that a budget should be realistic based on your lifestyle. Aside from covering your important expenses, you should also ensure you still have the freedom to grab a coffee, eat out from time to time, and visit the places you want to when on assignment. You’d be surprised at how sticking to a budget helps with cutting excess costs.

You should also plan to regularly review and adjust your budget, especially as you change assignments. When your income or expenses change, you’ll need to adjust your budget so you don’t find yourself short on money you need to pay your bills and living expenses.

Look for Deals, Discounts, and Coupons

Before checking off all the spots on your must-see list, take the time to research deals or discounts you could use. Websites, travel guides, newspapers, social media pages, or apps such as Groupon are excellent resources. Look for local deals at each assignment destination, too.

Rewards programs and memberships at national chains like Target, Costco, and others can also help you save money. Buying in bulk can also help you cut the cost of everyday expenses like personal care items or shelf-stable foods.

The same goes for looking for coupons when shopping for groceries or other goods. Making most of your meals at home will already help you save a lot compared to eating out, so using coupons will only help you save even more. It can be pretty shocking to see just how much you can cut from your costs when you use all these in combination!

Use Alternate Transportation

A lot of travelers will drive from one new assignment to another. However, once you arrive, you can save a bit of extra money by using some alternate methods of transportation. You’ll save money on gas and put less wear and tear on your car. That means less costly repair bills and maintenance expenses to worry about!

Walking, riding a bike, taking the bus or train, and carpooling with your coworkers are all useful alternatives to driving everywhere. Many cities offer monthly passes for public transportation, which are generally much cheaper than paying per ride.

Public transportation can also be more convenient, depending on where you’re at. For example, if you’re on assignment in a city, not driving everywhere means not having to deal with finding and paying for parking, plus you avoid parking fees or parking tickets if you were to park somewhere wrong by mistake, which can happen if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

Take Advantage of Your TNAA Benefits

TNAA offers multiple benefits to our travelers, which help them save on their assignments. Traveling with TNAA means you can worry less, giving you peace of mind and a little extra savings to get the most out of your healthcare traveling career.

Our Your Way is Paid program covers costs related to things like licensure fees and physical exams, and we also provide up to $1,000 in travel reimbursement. We can also help you find the best housing solutions that fit your needs with our housing specialists.

Take Your Next Travel Assignment With TNAA

Even using just one or two of these money-saving tips will help you significantly cut back on your expenses. Saving money can be hard, so start budgeting now to hit your financial goals.

If you’re ready to secure your next travel nurse or healthcare travel assignment, let TNAA help you find the assignment that fits your lifestyle and goals. We support travelers throughout every step of their assignment, helping you get the most out of your travels.

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