June 24, 2024

Celebrating Pride: TNAA LGBTQ+ Travel Nurses

June is Pride Month, a time to honor the progress and achievements of the LGBTQ+ community, reflect on the ongoing journey toward equality, and celebrate the unique stories and experiences that make our community vibrant and diverse. We wanted to celebrate this special month by inviting travelers to share their pride stories and pictures on our social channels. The response was incredible, and we were deeply moved by our travelers’ stories of love and authenticity.

While the fight for true equality continues, it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the personal journeys that inspire us all. In this spirit, we share a couple of heartfelt stories from travel nurses who navigate the challenges of their profession and the adventures of travel with their partners and families in tow!

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LGBTQ+ Travel Nurses

Justin (NICU Nurse) and Kevin (PCU Nurse): Embracing Travel Nursing Together

Justin met Kevin while he was working in Texas on a travel assignment.

“He inspired me to leave my comfort zone and travel with him,” Justin recalls, “so we took our first travel assignment together a year ago and have been doing it together since then! We love traveling with TNAA because they have been able to find us jobs together even though our specialties, though both important, can somewhat be hard to find in the exact location.”

The happy couple also brings their dog, Huck, on all their travel adventures.


T (ER Nurse) and Allison: Carpe Diem Through Travel

T and Allison met in 2015 through a shared love of adventure and fine food. They fell in love, married, and committed to a life lived with no regrets.

Part of living without regrets was prioritizing traveling, seeing the world, and infusing life with novelty. The two made a shared list of places they wanted to explore and started checking them off during vacations.

They soon discovered that more than a few vacations a year were needed. The two wanted to visit and experience life in different places, seeing different landscapes and micro-cultures of the US, so Allison transitioned to a hybrid/remote job in her field, and T signed with TNAA.

“TNAA has worked with me to find jobs in the places that call our little family to adventure,” says T. “If we only live once, we want to do it traveling around the world, meeting new people, and seeing the natural wonders of new places. TNAA has not only supported our dreams but made living with no regrets possible.”

Celebrating Pride & Travel Nursing

As we celebrate Pride Month, we’re reminded of the incredible strength and resilience of the LGBTQ+ community. Stories like those of Sarah & Emily and Michael & Alex highlight the joy, love, and determination that define this community. Thank you to everyone who shared their stories and pictures with us. Your experiences continue to inspire us all.

The stories above also serve as inspiration to any travel nurse or allied healthcare traveler who wants to embrace the travel lifestyle and all its adventures with the ones they love most. At TNAA, we are proud to have helped Kevin and James and T and Allison make their careers as travelers thrive while traveling with their families. Our recruiters are dedicated to assisting all travel nurses in finding assignments that fit their lifestyles – and they get the bonus of full support along the way!

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