June 28, 2019

Intro to Travel Nursing: Understanding TNAA Housing

tnaa travel nurse apartment in denver

So you’re thinking about traveling with TNAA. What next? How do you go from application to orientation at your assignment? We’re going to explore the steps, the do’s and don’ts, and discuss all your options along the way. Are you a seasoned traveler? While we’re confident you’ll learn something new, we want your best tips and tricks too, so be sure to follow us on social media and give us your feedback!

Congrats, you’re almost ready for your first assignment! We’ve discussed exactly how to get started, from choosing a recruiter to discovering which pay package is best for you. Not sure which benefits come with your pay package? Don’t worry we’ve got you here! Plus, in our previous post, we broke down the support teams that ensure our nurses can start their assignments prepared and on time. Now, it’s time to focus on where you’re going to live. Travel nursing housing can make or break an assignment. Luckily, our Housing Department has the most experience in the industry. From consistently vetted properties to market knowledge to fix almost every scenario — they’re ready to tackle anything. Here’s what you need to know before you head off on your next travel nurse job. 

tnaa travel nurse apartment in denver
TNAA Ambassador Brittany’s apartment in Denver, CO.

TNAA’s Easy-Stay Program

The Easy-Stay Program is designed for the subsidy traveler, meaning you take a housing stipend. Our team focused on removing roadblocks that travelers typically face when they designed this program: cost, no credit or credit issues, and time. By approaching these roadblocks, we’ve been able to prevent our travelers from having to settle for something that doesn’t truly fit their needs.

Travelers Haven

This full-service housing option is designed to save our travelers time and take the guesswork out of finding housing options. There is no credit check with this service and zero out of pocket costs. We set up a convenient payment plan for you. This option offers a housing specialist to vet options and guide you through the process. Lease, furniture rental, utilities, notice to vacate, and extensions are managed for the traveler. 


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“Travelers Haven has taken away the stress and hassle of finding, leasing, and setting up housing before my assignments start. Everything is turn-key from day one in town.” – Ethan B. 

Long & Short-Term Hotels

Our travelers have the option to book long or short-term hotels with either of our partners, Hotel Engine or Extended Stay America. This saves our travelers up to 30% on a long-term stay. There are two ways to access both services with one providing a convenient payment plan. 

Leads Service

This service gives travelers a vetted list of housing vendors based on assignment location. Travelers will receive a list of vendors previously used, and approved, by other travelers, as well as vetted private owners interested in renting to travel nurses. Each lead offers detailed information such as website, contact info, and driving distance. Like other options, the lead’s service can also be provided with payment assistance.

tnaa travel nurse zane with his dog
“Housing always looks out for, not just the husband and I, but they also always take Tank into consideration when looking for housing options.” – Ally F.  Ally’s husband, also a travel nurse, is pictured above with Tank.

Housing Services With TNAA Prime

If you choose TNAA Prime as your pay package, you get all the bells and whistles. And that starts with direct access to a dedicated housing specialist to help you find the perfect option, whether or not you choose to take the subsidy. Traveling with a pet? Travelers who need special accommodations — like housing that allows for specific breeds of pets — TNAA Prime may be your best option. Housing Specialists are able to dedicate time and attention to finding that just-right place to call home. It’s also the best option for travelers who will want to travel with family as the housing specialist will be able to handle specific accommodations.   

Housing Services with MaxCash

MaxCash offers travelers the perks of the Easy-Stay Program, a route for savvy travelers. They will be provided up to three options to choose from — two vetted apartment options and/or one long-term hotel option. The number of options provided can be dependent on the time of year and location. The options provided will be a standard 1-bedroom studio, furnished, and will have basic utilities. There are no substitutions or variations. Travelers are allowed two pets, although with restrictions. If the traveler locates housing themselves, they are still eligible for Payment Assistance and housing leads.