December 18, 2023

Going Beyond Gratitude: TNAA’s Industry Leading Referral Bonuses

At TNAA, we believe in offering healthcare travelers an unparalleled healthcare travel experience that goes above and beyond. With benefits that support our travelers throughout their entire travel assignment, we help our travelers find their dream travel assignments and make the process as seamless as possible. We’ve got it all: housing, certifications, health and wellness benefits, sick leave, continuing education…and the list goes on!

If you’re a travel nurse or allied traveler with TNAA, there’s one benefit that can help you boost your healthcare travel income: Referral Bonuses.

TNAA’s Unique Referral Bonus Program

Our referral bonus program is truly unique in the healthcare travel world. Unlike referral bonuses that offer varying amounts depending on specialty, capped earning structures, or one-time flat rates, our Referral Bonus+ program rewards you $500 for every assignment your referral takes with TNAA – and there’s no limit to how many referred travelers you can send!

Here’s what you can earn for every referral you submit to TNAA:*

– $1500 Bonus: Get a $1500 bonus when your referral starts their first assignment

– $500 Recurring Bonuses: Earn for every additional assignment they take with TNAA

– $25 Gift Card: Receive a gift card via Tango for every qualified referral, even if they don’t sign with us.

Plus, your referred traveler receives a $500 one-time bonus for booking an assignment with TNAA – it’s a win-win!

*See our Referral Bonus+ Program page for more information and all terms and conditions.


Beyond Financial Gain

Referring your colleagues to travel with TNAA offers benefits beyond monetary rewards. When you refer colleagues and friends to TNAA, you’re inviting them to join a supportive and close-knit community of healthcare travel professionals. We’re committed to providing a best-in-class experience for all our travelers, so you can rest assured your referrals will enjoy the same supportive experience with TNAA as you have.

Your referrals also help build awareness of the larger healthcare travel profession. After all, there’s no better testimony to how rewarding a travel nurse or allied travel career can be than hearing directly from travelers like you. And, like you, your colleagues are interested in hearing about new, exciting opportunities to utilize their professional skills and build their professional network.

Start Referring Travelers to TNAA

If you love traveling with TNAA, spread the word to your friends and colleagues. It’s a great way to extend your network, help the healthcare travel industry grow, and earn some extra cash. Just one more awesome benefit to traveling with TNAA!

Do you know healthcare professionals who are a good match to travel with TNAA? Refer them to TNAA and start earning your referral bonuses!