March 15, 2005

Travel Nurse Stories: The Most Amazing Days of My Life

travel nurse stories

Meet Debbi Skinner, RN

I began traveling in January 2004. Why? Because I love to travel and this is a great way to visit places that I want to see. Traveling has required me to be flexible and willing to try new methods. I have met some incredible people as I travel. Some are likable and well. . . some are not!

Experiencing a Code Red at the Capitol

The traveling lifestyle has also provided me with one of the most amazing days in my life. While I was working in Alexandria, Virginia, Ronald Reagan died. I decided to journey into DC for the funeral. I was smart enough to take the Metro and ended up near the front steps of the Capitol. Thinking I might actually be able to see something from there, I sat on a bench in the shade. Just as I was about to relax for a minute someone made a comment about the Honor Guard going by…. they looked so precise even in the stifling heat. A minute or two later someone noticed them returning, rather hurriedly. Looking up I saw that people who had been allowed onto the steps of the Capitol were running down them. At that moment several policemen came toward us and started yelling for us to run, moving us to the west toward Third Street. I asked what was happening and was told to hurry. Just then I heard the officer’s radio say that there was an airplane in Capitol airspace and it was a Code Red! I definitely hurried along at that point.

Shortly after reaching a safe distance they issued an “all clear” and allowed us to return. After getting back to that bench in the shade, everyone there was a little shook and began talking. I found myself sitting next to and talking with Richard Henrick, the author of the book “Crimson Tide.”

The whole thing was amazing. There I was in the middle of Washington, DC, paying final respects to a President. Was evacuated due to a “Code Red.” And met a famous author all in one short afternoon!

My TNAA Assignments Have Been Incredible

I am glad that I chose Travel Nurse Across America. The staff at the office have become friends and are very supportive and sensitive to my needs. I have had some incredible assignments and the hospitals have been wonderful.

I plan to have more exciting assignments…I am getting ready to start a new one after some time with my family. I love the fact that I have more control over my career than when I was on staff. If I like a place I can often decide to stay and if I don’t care for an assignment I mark it a DNR (Do Not Return), and at the end of that contract I move on.

I love to travel, see new places, meet new people and learn new ways. This lifestyle fills all my needs and I still get to be a nurse…next best thing to winning the lottery!

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