May 3, 2006

Travel Nurse Stories: Blessed to Live Out My Dream

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Meet Shanna Tedder, RN

My name is Shanna Leigh Tedder, and I’m from a tiny little town in Texas called Santa Fe. I’ve been an RN since August 2002, and specialize in ICU, CVICU, and PACU.

I started my travel career in August of 2004. I had lived in North Carolina since 1998 and I originally started travel nursing so that I could move back to Texas and travel around a bit in order to figure out exactly where I wanted to live and what hospital I wanted to work for. Also, it has ALWAYS been my secret dream to live the exciting life of a Manhattanite.

After my first assignment with Travel Nurse Across America, I was totally hooked, especially due to the care that I have received from my travel nurse recruiter, Derek King, and his supportive staff — I can’t help but continue to travel!

Blessed to Live Out My Dream

I have had so many AMAZING experiences since I have begun traveling. Each assignment that I take has its own unique and special memories that have afforded me the opportunity to explore surrounding areas. At every assignment that I have taken, I have met many interesting people and have made some amazing friends who I have grown to love and who have touched my heart in special ways!

I have been blessed enough to see Hawaii and Europe, but best of all, my current assignment is in NYC! I am living out my dream!

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