July 15, 2016

Post-Shift Wind Down: Five New Books We Recommend

Dtravel nurse across america recommends new books for travel nursesid you know that our brains are wired to enjoy a good story? The pleasure centers of our brain light up when we engage with well-crafted plot twists and turns, and we desire to know what happens next. We get so immersed in a good novel that we cry the protagonist’s tears, fear her fears, laugh her laughs, all the while enjoying the ride from the comfort of our couches.

After your shift, escape into a world that’s far away (or very near) and live a thousand lives without leaving home. With just a turn of the page, you’ll be on your next adventure.

1. Jump into a page-turner with The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger

If you were a fan of The Devil Wears Prada, you’ll love New York Times bestselling author Lauren Weisberger’s new book about professional tennis player Charlotte Silver who sustains a serious injury at Wimbledon. In her post-injury life, she decides to transform herself into a bad girl. She starts a relationship with one of the hot players on the tennis circuit, creating a recipe for either stardom or disaster that you’ll have to read to find out. This is a seriously addictive novel, though, so if you can’t put it down, don’t say you weren’t warned.

2. Escape to Rome with In Other Words by Jhumpa Lahiri

Lahiri, a Pulitzer Prize winner, has written about her journey as she packs up and moves her family to Rome so she can master Italian. The memoir is presented in Italian and English and follows the writer’s journey from one land to another on an adventure.

3. Fall in love with Devil and the Deep by Julie Ann Walker

For romance enthusiasts, Devil and the Deep is an easy read that will have you enthralled. Bran, a former Navy SEAL, is on a quest to find Maddy, an oil heiress. He departs from his plans to spend some time with her, only to witness an attempted kidnapping. The book is full of action, humor and, of course, romance. What more could you want?

If you like Devil and the Deep, you’ll be happy to know it’s part of The Deep Six series, so there’s plenty more romance to dive into.

4. Get postmodern with The Inseparables by Stuart Nadler

Have you ever pondered how you can see infinity when you reflect a mirror in to a mirror? Well, this book is a little bit like that. It’s a book within a book, in which Henriette Olyphant has written a book called The Inseparables. Olyphant doesn’t want anyone to know she has written it, though, because it’s risqué. It’s only until she falls on hard times that she asks her publisher to reprint it so she can survive. At the same time, her daughter is dealing with a divorce and her granddaughter is battling with a scandalous internet photo situation. The lives of these women are linked as they face the challenges collectively.

5. Laugh at society’s absurdity with Dietland by Sarai Walker

This beach read is an Amazon Top 100 Editors’ Pick of the Year, one of Entertainment Weekly‘s “10 Best Books of 2015,” one of Bustle’s “2015 25 Best Books, Fiction Edition,” a New York Post “Best Novel to Read This Summer,” an Us Weekly “Hot Summer Novel,” and O, The Oprah Magazine’s “10 Titles to Pick Up Now”…need we say more? It’s a “part coming-of-age story, part revenge fantasy” that is dark, funny, smart and timely.

travel nurse across america recommends new books for travel nursesThere’s something for everyone in this list of five books to read after your shift. Reading a good book will transport you to a different life at a different time and you can forget about your stresses for a while. You just might come out from finishing the first book feeling calmer, wiser and ready to start the next one.