August 9, 2019

Tips on Travel Nursing With Your Family

travel nurse family

How to be a Travel Nurse With a Family

Have you ever thought about travel nursing with your family? While a lot of people believe that travel nursing is inherently a solo activity, we’re here to tell you it’s not! Many of our nurses bring their families with them on assignments and make memories traveling the country. And we asked them for their best tips, tricks, and why they decided to pack up the crew.

Meet Kayla, a NICU Travel Nurse

When Kayla first started her nursing career, she worked with a travel nurse. As a young mom and a new grad nurse, she wasn’t sure when travel nursing would be possible for her or if it was a far-fetched dream. As Kayla and her husband began to learn about the logistics of travel nursing, they decided to take active steps to make their far-fetched dream a reality. 


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Now, this cute family crisscrosses the country documenting their adventures along the way. They’ve been to National Parks, roadside attractions, and made beautiful memories together. Be sure to follow their journey!

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Tips from a Travel Nurse Family

Our recruiter Nick is uniquely familiar with the intricacies of moving across the country as his wife is a former travel nurse. Nick, his wife Brittany, and their daughter have been to Boston, Albuquerque, Washington state, and spent time in Maine. On their days off the trio tries to hit as many National Parks as possible. Now, as a recruiter, Nick offers his nurses with his best tips.


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Whatever doesn’t fit in the SUV, doesn’t make it on the trip. From Instapots to hotplates, this crew was all about the basics. For them, exploring new cities and locations were more important than packing and dragging material items across the country.


Travel was always a massive part of the experience. Nick and his wife ensured that they took their time on the way to an assignment. Mapping out each trip, they planned to stay at Airbnb’s and camped as much as possible.


Don’t let shift availability get in the way of an assignment you really want. Their family was open to nightshifts as it offered a way for his wife to learn the facility’s protocol during a quieter time. The more flexible the family was with scheduling, the easier it was to get shifts changed if necessary. 

How Your Recruiter Can Help

If all of this seems overwhelming, remember that your recruiter is equipped with market knowledge to help you. For our recruiter Ashley, it’s all about providing her travelers with information. “Research, research, research,” Ashley told us, “I think we can all say that keeping our families safe is our number one priority in life.” That’s why she recommends her travelers to look up areas and have a good understanding of neighborhood crime statistics and to consider emergencies. “It’s not the most fun thing to talk about, but it’s a reality. As a mom, I want my travelers to feel comfortable and confident with their choice to travel with their loved ones.”

Tnaa recruiter gives tips on travel nursing with a family

But her biggest tip? Find activities for your family to be involved in! “Another thing I hear from parents with children is to find a church in the area that you vibe with. Often, they have youth activities that the whole family can become involved in.”