March 15, 2024

TNAA Spring 2024 Allied Health Scholarship Winner: Julian G.

Please join us in congratulating Julian G., the Spring 2024 Allied Health Scholarship recipient. Julian is currently enrolled at Barry University and studying to be a Medical Technologist, and she is expected to graduate this summer.

What Drove Julian to Pursue a Career in Healthcare

Several factors led Julian to a career in healthcare, including the ethos of hard work and service to others instilled in her childhood home. Inspired by her mother, a dedicated home health aide, and the dedication of her twin sisters in the nursing field, Julian saw these values exemplified daily. It also helped Julian see how interconnected the healthcare field is.

“As I grew older, I often found myself engaged in conversations with my sisters about the healthcare system, medical advancements, and the critical role of diagnostics in patient care,” she shared. “These discussions piqued my interest in the behind-the-scenes work of the laboratory, where the science of diagnosis and treatment unfolded.”

Julian knew combining her lifelong fascination with science and her passion for healthcare was the right path for her future career. With her family’s overwhelming support, she pursued her education in health sciences, which led to her working as a lab assistant. As her studies advanced, Julian learned more about the critical role medical laboratory scientists play in healthcare, which became especially apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This scholarship will help Julian alleviate some of the financial burden of completing her education. However, to Julian, it signifies much more than just financial relief. It also recognizes her dedication and hard work, validating the many hours she has spent investing in her future.

What’s Next for Julian

As a future medical laboratory scientist, Julian hopes to bring honesty and transparency to her role, helping support better patient outcomes, care quality, and safety. She believes in prioritizing well-being over profits and adhering to strict ethical standards, with a passion for emphasizing accessibility and affordability in healthcare services.

“This profession offered the opportunity to merge my love for science with my desire to make a meaningful impact on healthcare outcomes,” she said. “I envision myself as a vital link in the healthcare chain, working behind the scenes to provide healthcare providers with accurate and timely diagnostic information. It is a path that I walk with a deep sense of purpose, knowing that each test result I generate has the potential to impact a patient’s life.”

TNAA’s Allied Health Scholarship

Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition, Julian, and good luck with the rest of your educational journey. We look forward to seeing where your career takes you, and we hope this scholarship helps you on your journey to becoming a Medical Lab Scientist.

TNAA, one of the country’s top ten travel nurse staffing agencies, proudly offers scholarships to individuals seeking an allied health degree. The Spring Scholarship has closed. Please stay tuned for more info regarding our future scholarship opportunities.